A closer look at tandem kayaks and sit on top kayaks for beginners

Watching the serene beauty of the calm waters of the sea or ocean while the clouds float past in the company of a loved one or a close friend can be quite memorable. Such moments can be created on a good tandem kayak that can allow two people to explore the sea or ocean together. Here are some of the most common tandems;

Sit on top tandem kayaks are comfortable, stable and easy to use boats that are made with an open shape that has a molded girth that acts as a seat. Unlike sit in kayaks the open tops means the paddlers does not feel confined and this makes sit on top tandems a favorite for beginners who might not feel comfortable while confined in a sit in kayak.

Although it’s not all that easy for water to find its way into sit on top kayaks, they have inbuilt scupper holes that ensure that the water drains itself out of the boat. Due to the open top, it’s easy to embark and disembark from sit on top kayaks and are also easy to get back on course if they happen to capsize.

For those who would love to travel light but still have their kayaks with them even when hiking, tandem inflatable kayaks would serve the purpose. Apart from their ease of use they are also comparatively affordable, easy to store and durable. The PVC material used to manufacture the vessel is known to be resistant to the effects of salt, gasoline and the harmful effects of UV rays.

With their characteristic long hulls that efficiently cut through the water to get to their destination fast, tandem touring kayaks are a favorite of experienced paddlers who love to take long touring trips on various types of water masses. They are made from durable material since touring paddlers are bound to encounter different kinds of conditions and has several storage hatches that can handle a high volume of luggage and also keep the luggage dry.

Although users of tandem touring kayaks are in most cases experienced paddlers, the vessels also come with an inbuilt stern rudder that assist in steering the vessels in case one comes across conditions that are challenging.

Tandem sea kayak are made with strong durable material that can withstand strong sea waves and have cleverly made foot wells that ensure that the paddler does not get tossed out of their seat. To ensure that the paddlers are as comfortable as possible the seats are made deep in the hull of the boat.  There are two main types of tandem sea kayaks; the large and smaller models. While the larger vessels are at their best in rough whitewaters, the smaller ones are appropriate for smooth calm waters.

Tandem fishing kayaks are largely spacious vessels that can carry up to three people and has a big cargo area with a hull that is made to ensure stability and good tracking. They are mostly made from plastic that is both durable and light in weight. A fishing pole holder is an essential addition that is meant to ensure comfort during fishing.

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