Types of Punching Bags According to Mounting Needs

7Punching bags are boxing and mixed martial arts training essentials. They are used to help athletes improve their speed, strength level, balance, endurance, and more. Of course, that is beyond the training that people get from the gym, as well as their diet plans. Nevertheless, punching bags are still considered must-haves for indoor training. People who train regularly even have their own punching bags in their homes. That is for the reason that they want to make sure that they are always in the right condition.


Owning a punching bag has a lot of benefits. However, people should make sure that they have an allotted area where they can train and put their punching bag. Hence, they have to evaluate their place before they buy one. Once they have a designated area, they should determine where they can mount their punching bags. That is because of the fact that there are two types of punching bags based on mounting needs.


Types of Punching Bags


Mounted Punching Bags


These types of punching bags are the ones that should be hanged on a wall beam, attachment, or any stable objects. They also require an open space so that they can move once they are hit, as well as so that the user can go around in circles. Mounted punching bags are the most popular and oldest form of punching bags. They can be used for both boxing and kicking skills improvement. They actually come in different types based on their shape and size.


For kicking and punching practices, people can choose from the standard heavy bag, banana-shaped bag, angled bag, teardrop heavy bag, and wrecking ball bag. Those who are looking for bags inclusive for hand punch skills, as well as for improving their capabilities to retain their hands at a raised position can opt for the so-called speed bags.


Free-Standing Bags or BOBs


As the name implies, they are punching and kicking bags that stand upright on the floor. They can be placed on the sides and middle of training rooms or areas. They can be placed on the floor, on top of a mat or carpet, and can also be placed on top of a stand or table. Such will depend on the preference of users. However, this is not recommended for individuals who want to improve their boxing and Muay Thai skills. Nevertheless, they can save a lot of space as compared to the mounted punching bags. Likewise, they can also be stored after use; thus, users no longer need to have their own training room.


As contrasted to the mounted type, this type only comes in two forms. Once it the type that has a standard cylindrical shape and the other is the so-called dummy. The dummy type is the one that has been patterned to the human’s upper torso and face. A very popular one is the one created by Century Fitness. Such is popular since ground training with the Century BOB XL has shown to be more fun and realistic.


Nevertheless, the choice of which type of punching bag to use and purchase solely depends on the user on the basis of his or her needs and area specifications.

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