Tips on How to Choose Your First Acoustic Guitar

Are you currently looking for your first acoustic guitar? With a lot of options in the market today, choosing the best that will fit your current guitar skill can be very confusing. Fortunately, this post got you covered.

First Acoustic GuitarFirst Acoustic Guitar

What is an acoustic guitar?

One of the most popular musical instruments in the guitar family is the acoustic guitar. It is a steel-stringed guitar with a very bright and twangy sound that resonates long. Also, the guitar is perfect for beginners because of the following reasons:

  • Easier to play.
  • Enjoyable in the long-run.
  • Easier to develop guitar techniques.
  • Easier to get comfortable playing an acoustic guitar in front of an audience.

But how do you decide on your first acoustic guitar? Here are some useful tips on how to choose your first acoustic guitar.

#1: Know the different types of acoustic guitars

There are several different breeds of acoustic guitars in the market today; each one is unique.

  • Flat top or Steel string

It is a popular type of acoustic guitar, where it has a flat top and back. Its string is made from steel-string, the reason why the guitar is known as steel-string acoustic guitar.

  • Classic

Classic guitars are popular for fingerpicking guitar playing style. It is often used on classical guitar music, including Spanish classics and folk music. Classic guitars are built with smaller frames and nylon strings.

  • Archtop

As the name suggests, the archtop guitar is designed with an arched top and back. These acoustic guitars have an electronic side to them for amplification purposes. These are often used in jazz, blues, and rockabilly music.

  • Resonator

The resonator, also known as Dobro, is used differently than the other types of acoustic guitar. The guitar is used mainly on bluegrass and blues music, and its design produces a large sound-like metal cone. And it is commonly used together with banjos.

As a beginner, you should first try the steel-string type of guitar before considering other options. On this website, you will find useful product reviews on steel-string acoustic guitars that are popular these days.

#2: Choose the right guitar body type and size

How big do you want your guitar? For beginners, it is smart to choose the basic and middle-sized dreadnought-body acoustic guitar. It has excellent tone and projection. Plus, it comes at a cheap price.

#3: Know which tonewood

Another factor to consider is the tonewood.

The term ‘tonewood’ refers to the specific wood used to construct the guitar. The combination of woods produces particular sound; for instance:

  • Alder produces not too warm or not too bright sound.
  • Basswood produces a similar tone to Alder.
  • Mahogany is a brighter tone.
  • Swamp Ash produces a warmer tone.
  • Walnut is warmer than the maple but produces good sustaining qualities
  • Koa comes from Hawaii and produces bright high tones.
  • Maple is popular and produces a warmer and sustainable tone.
  • Rosewood produces a beautiful high rich tone with great resonance and volume

For beginners, you may choose a maple-made acoustic guitar, but you may choose otherwise.

#4: Price

How much are you willing to spend?

The prices on acoustic guitars range from $100 – $500 or higher, depending on the quality of materials, construction, and the brand. However, if you look deeper into the world of acoustic guitar, you may find quality-made guitars at a reasonable price. Try reading reliable product reviews and posts like this to find out.

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