The evolution of the kayak from the original sit in Inuit kayak to the modern inflatable tandem kayak

The inflatable kayak is a great innovation in the kayaking world that greatly has contributed to the concept of recreational kayaking. Initially, the hard-shell sit on top and sit in kayaks were the only types of kayaks in the industry.

Originally, the first kayak to be made was a sit in kayak that was made using a rigid frame that was covered by skins. This is the kayak that was made by the Inuit people of the arctic region. The Inuk used whale bones or drift wood to make a frame for the kayak and then they used seal skins to cover the frame. The skins were tightly strung on the frame and they were sewn together. Whale fat was used to make the seams water proof.

This original kayak was very light and very easy to maneuver and navigate. It could be used for complex hunting operations while still providing great safety for the pilots. These kayaks could not capsize easily and once capsized the pilot could roll the kayak and regain the upright position without disembarking from the kayak.

The lightness and small size of the kayak was ideal for portability reasons since the Inuk are nomads who often move from one place to another.

The design of the original kayak is very efficient in terms of safety and navigation. However, the materials used to make it were not very durable and resilient to tough and rough conditions. With advancement in technology, and the discovery of more resilient materials, people were able to make more resilient sit in kayaks. Some of the newer tougher sit in kayaks were made of tough plastic, fiberglass, and Kevlar.

Later, the sit on top kayak was introduced. Unlike the sit in kayak, the sit on top kayak has an open deck and the pilot’s entire body is exposed atop the kayak. In the sit on top kayak, the pilot has more freedom of movement. This design of the kayak was especially designed for the recreational user.

With the introduction of sit on top kayaks, more and more people began embracing Skayaking as a recreational activity and this led to the introduction of the inflatable kayak.

The inflatable kayak is basically a tube like bag that is inflated to form a kayak. The materials used to make inflatable kayaks are usually very tough and they can withstand some rough handling and can be quite durable.

Inflatable kayaks are very good for recreational users since they are very easy to handle on water. Even children of 10 years and above can handle inflatable kayaks such as the intex challenger K1 inflatable kayak.

These kayaks are also very ideal for recreational purposes due to their easy portability. When deflated, an inflatable kayak can be folded up and carried easily in a bag. The material used to make the inflatable kayaks is very light.

Inflatable kayaks can also be made into different designs including tandem kayaks. Tandem kayaks, such as the seyvlar Fiji inflatable kayak, can carry more than one passenger sitting in tandem.

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