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An introduction to kayaks and the various types of available kayaks for different activities

A kayak is a water vessel that is unique in its design and its usage. A kayak is a small slender vessel that was originally designed for carrying one passenger. Newer models have subsequently been designed that can carry two or three passengers in tandem.

The original kayak had a design that is quite peculiar as compared to other water vessels. Whereas many vessels have an open hollow where the passengers and cargo go into, the kayak had a covered deck with a small opening (cockpit) into which the pilot sat and controlled the kayak. Cargo in the original kayak was carried in the hollow deck of the vessel.

This sit in design of the original kayak is still in use today. This design is especially good when one wants to venture through rough waters. This is because the closed vessel helps protect the passenger from the water. The passenger is also safely enclosed such that it is not easy to be thrown off the kayak. The sit in kayak usually has a water tight skirt that is worn by the pilot around the waist and is fastened to the kayak to prevent water from getting into the deck.

Modern kayak models have been developed in recent times whereby the pilot can sit on an open top rather than sitting in a covered deck. This design is mostly for recreational users who want to enjoy more freedom moving around and turning to any direction on the kayak. It is also a design that helps the passengers to board and disembark from the kayak fast and easily.

Sit on top kayaks are especially good for tandem kayaks. These are kayaks that can carry more than one passenger with the passengers sitting one in front of the other. They are also good for carrying pets such as dogs – although there are some special sit in kayaks designed for dogs.

There are special kayaks that have been modified for fishing. There are some sit in kayaks used for fishing but most fishing kayaks are sit on top kayaks. Sit on top kayaks are the most convenient for fishing since they have more space that can be used for the fishing equipment and also for storing the catch.

Sit on top kayaks are also good for angling since they allow the angler room and freedom for movement atop the kayak which is quite necessary when fishing. On some sit on top fishing kayak, the angler can even stand while fishing.

In modern times, kayak manufacturers have come up with the inflatable kayak model. This is a kayak that is made up of some bag-like or tube-like structure that can be inflated to form the kayak. The inflatable kayak provides a very affordable option for the recreational user who will only use the kayak occasionally.

Inflatable kayaks are good for recreational purposes because they are very easy to carry around since when they are deflated they can fit in a small manageable bag and they are also quite light.