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Great Pop Up Canopy Ideas: How to Set Up Canopy on the Beach

6The pop-up canopies are versatile enough to be used almost anywhere and for any event – in the garden, beach, and anywhere you can hold an outdoor event. If you are planning to buy one for a simple or huge beach event, below are some simple tips on how to set up or anchor your pop up canopy on the beach:

Tip #1: Read the user guide

Read the assembly guide; this is one of the most important things to remember when anchoring canopies anywhere. Although most of the best pop up canopy is easy to install, you still need to read their manufacturer’s instruction to ensure that your canopy is able to endure the strength of the wind or any accidents. Additionally, some pop-up canopies need special requirement when installing; thus, make sure to read the manufacturer’s guide.

Tip #2: Use some anchors

The gust of the wind is one of the canopies’ enemies. Although the structure or frames of the pop-up canopies are sturdy and slightly heavy, it is still wise to use sand anchors. Sand anchors are a reliable tool that is used to penetrate the sand or land. With its tight grip on the land, you do not need to worry about the strong wind blowing off your canopies. Most of these sand anchors are included when you buy your pop up canopies; however, not all brands offer free sand anchors. If you are facing the same dilemma, you may try making a sandbag as your sand anchors:

  • Find a sturdy fabric or a plastic bag, big enough to hold wet sand and your canopies down
  • Put wet sand inside the plastic bag or fabric
  • Secure the sand by tying each end with a sturdy string and leave some more to tie your canopies
  • Find the right angle where you can bury your anchor
  • Bury the fabric or plastic bag to the ground
  • Use the end of the string to tie the feet of your canopies
  • Make sure the ties are well secured

Tip #3: Do not forget to choose the right location.

Before anchoring your canopies down, you need to find the right location with the following tips:

  • Do not go against the wind

Make sure that your canopies are not anchored where most of the wind is directed.

  • Find a place where there are no chances of high tides

If you plan to stay the entire day and night, make sure to check the area for any possible high tides.

  • Make sure it will not distract others

Remember that you are not the only ones who use the beach. Find a spot that will not distract other tourists.

Tip #4: Buy Pop Up Canopies that are sturdy and reliable

One of the most important thing that you need to remember before anything else, make sure to buy canopies that are durable and reliable, capable of holding any type of weather and any event. If you want to find some sturdy pop up canopies try to visit thebestpopupcanopy.com now!