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2018 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies and Kids


Babies and kids are sensitive to loud noises. Loud music from the street, blaring of cars and even the noise coming from your neighbor can damage the hearing of your baby. Thus, what you need is an ear protector to prevent damages to your child’s hearing. Now is the time to choose a kid’s noise cancelling headphones for your child. Check out these best-selling noise-canceling headphones this year.

Snug Kids Hearing Protector

The Snug Kids Earmuffs is one of the leading noise canceling headphones for children. This earmuff is designed to fit for kids, babies that are six months old and adults. However, it is not manufactured for the use of newborns. If you are the kind of parent who keeps their kids fashionable at all times, this product is available in a variety of colors such as blue, black and green for your baby boy and there are yellow, purple, pink, aquamarine and red for your girl. This earmuff can block out any loud noises that might affect the hearing of your kids. The cups of Snug kids are designed to cover the entire ears and avoid slight noises from passing through. Moreover, it this product is extra padded with foam for comfort when in use.

Peltor Junior Headphones for Babies

This headphone is the most popular choice for parents due to its low price and quality. Peltor Junior earmuffs are perfect for babies and kids. It reduces noise up to the scale of 22. This noise reduction scale can block out loud noises but at the same time let your kids hear mildly. Peltor Junior headphones are mostly recommended for kids who are suffering from sensory overload. This can lessen the effects of their surroundings to their senses. It is also comfortable to wear since it has cushions with special gel for prolonged use.

Em’s Hearing Protector for Infants

Newborns are most sensitive to noises compared to kids aged three and above. Their hearing is still in the process of development, thus, loud noises can damage their ears permanently. Em’s earmuffs for infants are the best protection for newborn’s hearing. It is designed to fit the ears of infants which is the reason for its tiny size. The cups and headband of this earmuff are made of a soft and stretchy material to prevent rashes and discomfort for babies. It can block out noises since Em’s hearing protector can fit tightly on your infant’s head.

Pro Ears ReVO

The Pro Ears ReVo is most ideal earmuffs for children aged two years and above. This earmuff has a passive noise reduction that reduces noises to scale 25dB. This earmuff is also easy to adjust and fits tightly around your kid’s head. It is available in a dozen of colors which you can choose from. The only downfall of Pro Ears ReVo is its high price, yet whatever you spend on this earmuff is definitely worth it.

Do you need more guidance in selecting the best earmuff for your child? You can get the latest updates and reviews of about the bestseller hearing protectors for infants and kids here at A Quiet House.