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Food That Affect Platelet Levels

3Our body is made up of a lot of cells in order for it to function properly and combat any forms of injury, diseases, and other harmful factors. As for the human’s blood, one important blood cell that people should understand is the platelet. That is because it is the one that contributes to the clotting of blood.

Clotting, in layman’s term, means that the blood becomes solid instead of liquid. This is the reason why when people get injuries like cuts, the blood stops to flow at some point. Such is important so that the body will not lose too much blood.

However, a very high level of platelet can also cause problems, which are often related to the cardiovascular system like a heart attack. That is owed to the fact that they stick together. Nonetheless, there are still other factors that can contribute to platelet aggregation.

People who have been tested to have low or high platelet count are prescribed with medications. Fortunately, there are food products that can also help the body to improve the platelet level.

Increasing the Platelet Count

Papaya is the most popular fruit that has been linked to help in increasing the platelet level. However, it is more advisable that people use a pure extract of papaya leaves for faster results. In fact, in some countries, like the Philippines, such has been used by most dengue victims to help restore their normal platelet levels.

Carrots, tomatoes, and other products that are rich in Vitamin A also aid in the increased production of platelets. The main reason, according to experts, is that this vitamin is responsible fo the production of protein in the body. With a good amount of protein, blood cells will grow and divide healthily. Scientifically speaking, platelets are produced by the division of their “mother” cell.

People can also consider vegetables that belong to the green leafy category. You¬†increase your platelets with these foods¬†because they are rich in chlorophyll. According to some experts, this compound also promotes the efficient production of blood cells. In fact, it is the one considered as the plant’s “blood”.

Decreasing the Platelet Count

A food item that has been traditionally used to help individuals with high blood pressure and heart ailments is the garlic. That is because it is believed to be helpful in dissolving clot, which is owed to its allicin component. In the long run, it was determined that clot is dissolved or prevented because it can help regulate the production of platelets.

A popular food that is used predominantly in China that is believed to help lower platelet count is Ginkgo biloba. It has been incorporated in drinks like coffee and dietary supplements because it was found out that its component called terpenoid can promote improved blood circulation and reducing the viscosity of blood.

Final Words

The body is a complex system that has a lot of things going on inside. Generally, whatever component of the body is low or high will have a great effect on the health of the individual. Hence, it is important to maintain the normal ranges.