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Things to Consider When Buying Lampworking and Glassblowing Instruments



For people who may have found their calling in glassblowing and lampworking, starting out can be a bit daunting, primarily because the occupation itself is skill-intensive. It requires immense precision, dexterity, control and impressive attention to details. Obviously, it also requires the right facilities and instruments to get the job done. Most especially if the products are intended to be sold. Anyone who wants to get into glassblowing, in fact, should sell their well-made crafts because it’s a time-demanding pursuit and anyone who’s caught up in improving their skills in it will find that there’s not much time to spend on another career. Add the fact that it’s incredibly addictive and you’d have an engaging yet profitable business at hand. However, one of the oft-overlooked parts of glassblowing and lampworking is the acquisition of tools for the job. Here are some helpful guidelines to have a better idea of what to buy, whether from an online store or a local hobby shop.

  1. Price

Knowing the average price ranges of excellent glass blowing and lampworking kits, as well as those that are subpar, helps significantly in gauging which options are too cheap to even be considered good quality. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, ridiculously expensive options that are simply not worth the premium added for the brand name. Find a reasonable average, but if necessary, at least err on the side of instruments that lean more on the expensive side of the scale. Usually, these are the ones with more than acceptable tool quality with a reasonable price.

  1. Quality

The quality of tools used in glass blowing is absolutely important to check out because it can make or break a shop’s image. High-quality equipment and tools are definitely better in terms of precision and control. Quality in terms of choice of materials is also a must because of glassworks deal with extreme heat. It’s supposed to be the glass melting, not the tools.

  1. Grip and size

The size of a glassblowing instrument matters a lot and will depend on the size of the projects created. Grip, on the other hand, is an integral quality of glassblowing and lampworking tools. Again, it’s mainly because it’s an activity that demands clear-cut precision. A secure grip is an absolute must to ensure that minute details stand out and reflect the mastery of glass craftsmanship.

  1. Non-polarizing for beginners

Lampworking kits come in different packages. Some tools are meant for expert use only. Fortunately, beginner tools aren’t for beginners alone but are also immensely useful for experts. Beginners are pressured to buying instruments that match their skillset because spending on intermediate ones might be a waste of money if they don’t end up pushing through in making a career out of glass working. Besides, having expert-level tools on the ready, one might be pressured to rush their skill level and take shortcuts that might prove reckless and unproductive.

It’s always worth remembering that when buying practically anything these days, reading up on reviews on the Internet is something that should be done no matter what. The perspective of other customers is priceless.