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Affordable, Large, Double-Walled French Press Coffee Makers

1A great cup of coffee is one of the ways by which people start their day. Some cannot focus while accomplishing their tasks without taking a sip of the beverage. With that in regard, coffee shops are the first stopovers of most individuals before heading to their destination. However, such routine is quite expensive and time-consuming. Hence, many people just op to have their own coffee makers at home.

A portable and non-electrical coffee maker that is making a name today is the French press. That is because some individuals claim that the cup of coffee it makes is more aromatic and flavorful than the one made using a drip-coffee maker. Nonetheless, there are already a lot of French presses in the market and some of them are not as high quality as the others. Also, they already come in different sizes.

According to some experts, French presses that have large sizes are better since people can either produce a cup for them or their whole family or friends when they come over. Also, those that are made of stainless steel are better since they are not prone to breakages. Likewise, they can preserve the heat better especially if they are manufactured with dual walls.

Taking such things into consideration, people who are interested in purchasing one should read the details about these top large french presses below.

Blumwares French Press Coffee Maker

This 10.2 x 7.2 x 6.9 inches and 2.95 pounds stainless steel French press can make a maximum of 24 or 50 ounces of coffee or teas in one go. The spout has been constructed in a manner that the coffee inside will be easy to pour and will not spill on the table or countertop. Also, the product’s lid is tight enough in order to prevent accidental spillage, as well as to add assistance to the double wall in conserving the heat inside.

The manufacturer has also made sure that the handle has been designed ergonomically for comfortable handling and pouring. What is better is that the coffee grounds will not be able to seep through the coffee produced since the plunger has several layers of filters. In addition, the smooth and large plunger itself is made with three layers of stainless steel to ensure that the grounds are pressed perfectly.

SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

This double-walled and the stainless steel-made product has a size of 10 x 7 x 5.5 inches and weighs 2.95 pounds. It is advertised to make a maximum of two liters of coffee or tea but should only be used at a level of 1.745 liters in order to avoid spillages. Its filter system is made with two layers in order to prevent the escape of grounds or leaves to the final product. Amazingly, the company also gives two complementary filters to buyers.

Final Words

The two products have been constructed in a durable manner and are being sold at a price lower than one-hundred dollars. They are also available in smaller sizes or capacities. Hence, they are both worthy to buy and the decision which one is best will solely depend on the needs and wants of the future user.