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Fitness Gear Review: the Classic FlipBelt Vs FlipBelt Zipper

2A belt pouch works similar to armbands. However, the belt pouch is wrapped around your waist where you can place your things such as phones, iPod, and wallet. On the other hand, an armband hugs your arm but has limited storage space. It could not accommodate larger things such as a passport or water bottles for that matter. For this reason, most runners, bikers and every outdoor enthusiast prefer to use a belt pouch to carry their personal belongings.

The FlipBelt is one of the leading manufacturers of belt pouch in the market. Their successful creations are the Classic FlipBelt and FlipBelt Zipper. The ‘classic’ FlipBelt is their first product displayed in the market. The FlipBelt Zipper, on the other hand, comes out years later. These products of FlipBelt have parallel functions which provide the best comfort to any person while doing sports and other fitness activities. These belt pouches are designed to conform to your hips. Both of them are made of stretchy fabric that fits the shape of your hips so it won’t bounce every time you move. Aside from the similarity between these two products, they also have a few differences that make each of them unique. Then, what makes the FlipBelt Zipper different from its classic version? Find out the unique aspects of the ‘classic’ FlipBelt and read this in-depth FlipBelt Zipper review to guide you in choosing the perfect belt pouch for your exercise routine. The ‘Classic’ FlipBelt This product is composed of rubberized materials so you can slide in your things such as your iPhone with ease. It can store various objects such as keys, wallets, iPod and your passport without cramming the storage space since the material of this FlipBelt will only stretch to give more room.

The classic FlipBelt measures 3 inches in width. Hence, it can only fit iPhone 7Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7. Also, this pouch belt has no zipper to secure smaller items like keys and coins. You have to place small materials inside a ziplock bag to avoid it from slipping out of the pouch. The FlipBelt Zipper The FlipBelt Zipper gives a solution to the problem of the classic belt pouch. It has a zipper that secures your personal items inside the pouch without needing to place it in a ziplock baggie. Hence, it offers more security compared to the classic version of FlipBelt. In addition, this pouch is 4 inches in width which is bigger than the former model. If you own bigger gadgets like Samsung Notes, you can fit this item in no trouble. This belt bag can hold more items due to its larger size, unlike the classic FlipBelt that can store a lesser number of items. Furthermore, it has 3 open access compartments and an additional one with a zipper lock.

The only downside of FlipBelt Zipper is that this product is not adjustable. Therefore, before buying your own FlipBelt Zipper make sure of the size you want to buy. Do you need more details about this product? Ask questions and learn more here at Outdoor Fitlab, your reliable source of FlibBelt Zipper reviews.