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Nvidia Sheild TV Review



These days, a 4k streaming media player can be yours for only $100 or even less. But if you want the best quality, you must be willing to double the price. After all, you will only get what you have paid for. This is also the reason why Nvidia Shield TV is quite expensive because it is built to provide you excellent android TV experience. If you want to know how Nvidia Shield TV gives justice to its price then better read along since this post isĀ an in-depth Nvida Sheild TV review.

For Gamers

If you are a PC gamer who owns an Nvidia graphics card, you will experience the most flexible, powerful and capable type of media streaming and have the best adroid TV ambassador as well. Though this is not free from flaws like other products, you can hardly find a mainstreaming player that can exceed what it has to offer.

Features and Design It has an angular appearance and is tiny enough to conceal it in your media center. A pair of 3.1 gen 1 port can also be seen along its back along with a gigabit Ethernet, an HDMI port as well as propriety power plug. You can’t find any switches or buttons on it at all. Its power input is also connected to a DC power brick. Hence, you have to clear out some space on your power strip. The device also has micro-USB cable which is used for charging the game controller. If you have been using a game controller in the past, you already have the idea of the layout and the design of the Shield controller. It has the standard thumbsticks, shoulder buttons, D-pad and A-B-X-Y layout that resemble the layout of an Xbox controller. The design appears angular such as stitched together bunch of polygons. On the other hand, its controller comes with a headphone jack, microphone, and Android navigation buttons. It uses a rechargeable battery that runs for 40 hours.

Meanwhile, the remote comes as a slender black item that has IR blaster on its front with a microphone on its top. A 4-way controller can also be seen in between that has a button on it. The back and home buttons can also be seen behind the control pad. There is also a huge button for the microphone. On the bottom half of the remote, there is a touch-sensitive strip in the middle which you can swipe up and down so you can adjust the volume. You can also double tap if you want to pause the video or to play. A pair of CR2032 coin type batteries is used to power the remote and its power can last for as long as 1 year or even more.

Its latest software is Android 7 (Nougat) that includes useful enhancements on its top. Latest updates include Google Assistant support and frequent updates to fix bugs are done regularly as well as the additions of new features. Bottom line is, Nvidia Sheild TV is worth every penny that you have invested in it.