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Desks for Dual Monitors: The Differences and Similarities


Dual-monitor computers are making a name today because of the many advantages that people and companies can get from them. According to experts, having computers with two monitors increases the productivity levels of individuals. That is because users can switch programs quickly. They also no longer have to click and open-and-close programs constantly.


One thing that people who will be using dual-monitored computers should remember is that comfort is also important to them. Primarily, the computer should be placed on a table or desk that can hold it properly and securely. They should also make sure that they still have the right posture whenever they look at any or both the monitors.


There are different types of desks for when using dual monitors based on their construction and design. Choosing one will depend on priorities of the user, as well as the space that he or she has. In order to understand the better, below is a brief discussion of each type.


Wall-Mount Computer Desk


As the name implies, this type of computer desk is the one that is installed on the wall. It can be bought pre-made or can be built if the user has DIY skills. This is a type of desk that is recommended for offices or homes that do not have a lot of space. That is because the desk will not be occupying too much floor space.


In addition, there are also wall-mount computer desks wherein they have special mounts that will allow the user to adjust the height, as well as the angle of the product. What is better is that although this type is one-sided, most models or brands ensure that an ample working space is provided.


Stand-Alone Computer Desk


A stand-alone computer desk is just like an ordinary desk wherein it has four legs and a working surface. Some of which also have side or under cabinets or drawers. Others even have shelves. However, this type may not be suited for small working spaces. That is because they are often bulky to accommodate two monitors. Most of them also have L-shaped and T-shaped designs that will surely occupy more space.


The advantage of this type is that more items can be placed. Hence, people will be able to place other computer accessories, as well as office supplies. Such will lessen the person’s need to stand up every time he or she needs something. Also, this type is movable, making it possible to change it without too many hassles.


As similar to wall-mounted computer desks, there are also models or brands wherein the desk’s height and work surface’s angle can be adjusted.


Final Thoughts


Looking through the characteristics of the two general types of desks for dual-monitor computers, both of them are very helpful for individuals who love to work sitting down, standing up, or both. The choice depends on the storage space, work area, and preference of the user. Nevertheless, they just have to make sure that no matter what type they choose, it should provide them proper posture and ease of use.