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Deep sea kayaking on vacation in the Broken Group Islands of Barkley Sound

For vacation this year I and three of my friends had a wonderful time when we went off deep sea kayaking in the Broken Group Islands of Barkley Sound in the west coast of Vancouver Island. My friends and I are all outdoor enthusiasts and every year we plan and have an elaborate outdoor excursion. We have visited many places around the world and engaged in many outdoor activities including hiking, biking, mountain and rock climbing, deep sea diving, and skiing. This time we went kayaking.

My friends and I are all old time friends who began our tradition back in college. We were in the same class and we coincidentally discovered that we shared the same interests when it came to outdoor activities. This happened when the whole class was planning for a retreat during out sophomore break. As the class discussed on the best activities to indulge in, I and my four friends were very vocal in suggesting destinations with outdoor activities.

Most of the class members were however more interested in a camping retreat with music and late night dancing. We went along with the idea but decided to have our own hiking trip after the class retreat.

This is how our tradition began. It has now been six years.

Jeff, one of my friends, is the one who this year introduced us to the kayaking idea. He had visited the Broken Group Islands with his fiancée before but he confessed that he had not been able to enjoy the full extent of intense adventure that one could have at the beautiful islands. He had also not been able to fully explore the numerous enchanting natural features that dotted the coast.

We all agreed that the kayaking trip was a brilliant idea.

When we got to the Islands, we were immediately taken aback by the beauty of the rocky outcrops that dotted the sea shore line. Looking down from the airplane we could see the blue calm waters of the sea and the waves gently lapping the rocky shores. We could not wait to get going.

After checking in to the hotel where we would be lodging, and ensuring that all our personal belongings were safe in our rooms, we changed into attire that was suitable for kayaking. Luckily Jeff had instructed us on the suitable attire that we needed and we had all come prepared. After this we had a quick light breakfast at the cafeteria and bought some snacks to carry with us on the kayaking adventure.

We then went off to the kayak shed where we hired some of the best sea touring kayaks according to Jeff and according to the attendant who was very eager to help.

The kayak shed attendant also told us that the season and the timing was very good for fish and he advised that we should try to do some fishing. He told us that price by fishing at that time of year, we could be lucky and catch a huge price. We therefore decided to hire some top quality fishing gear including rods, bait casting reels, sinkers, hooks, and floaters for the trip.

The rest of the four days that we spent in the islands were total bliss. We are thinking of going back to the islands next year and exploring the areas we did not manage to explore.