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How to Pull Off a Rick Sanchez Cosplay

5Wearing costumes is no longer exclusive to Halloween, apparently. There are a growing number of conventions around the globe where hobbyists and fans of certain pop culture icons don a costume of their favorite personalities. Some are harder to execute than others. Yet even those that are deemed to be simple to do can be pretty challenging. Cosplayers understand pretty well that it’s not just about the garment but also the personality.

One character that’s no doubt followed by many fans is Rick Sanchez of ‘Rick and Morty’. Rick is quite a challenge to portray, as his character is on the eccentric side. Acting the part of the nerd is hard enough; acting like a drunk quantum theory geek is on another level entirely. Here are some pointers on how to pull off a convincing Rick Sanchez cosplay.

  1. Watch the show a lot.

What better way to internalize a fictional character’s personality than watching the show they’re in? The small quirks of their character are keys to set one apart from other mediocre cosplay attempts. Rick Sanchez, most notably. Fortunately, watching the show isn’t a tall order at all. It’s a fun show to watch even for people who aren’t really fans of astrophysics and dissertations of molecular behaviors. But then again, any person who would want to cosplay Rick is sure to be a nerd at heart.

  1. Act the part.

After internalizing the character, an individual who wants to be Rick Sanchez should take note of what Rick would do in certain situations. And, well, act the part. Call it method acting, but if that’s what it takes to wow people (and outdo anyone who’s wearing the same getup in a comicon), it’s worth the effort.

  1. Get a good costume.

Personality aside, without a good costume, people will wonder if you’re trying to be a drunk Sheldon Cooper or a wacky Jimmy Neutron. But finding each part of the costume can be quite a challenge, especially if one had to scour more than one online store. Making the costume is an option, but a time-consuming and impractical one. It’s only a good idea of one intends to make costumes for a living. One of the best ways to get access to an entire¬†Rick Sanchez costume¬†without much hassle is by looking for blogs that have a collection of links to different parts of costumes. And with Rick being quite a popular character, there’s bound to be a list made for him.

  1. Learn quantum physics and obscure sciences.

Being in the know in the realm of science is a great asset. Quantum physics is an interesting field as there’s still a lot to learn and explore. But, admittedly, this is taking it a bit far, though it’s a plus to be able to babble about nerdy things like the possibility of us living in a simulation, complete with the studies that back the hypothesis. Other people who are trying to corner you for being undeserving of the Rick costume will be surprised.