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Choosing Between and Air Humidifier and Air Purifier

3Staying at home is almost always a good solution if we do not want to be exposed to harmful environmental factors, especially now that the world is becoming more populated. We often feel safe inside our homes because we know how thoroughly we clean each and every corner. However, small particles like dust and furs will always find their inside. That is because they fit into small crevices and can even stick to our shoes, clothes, bags, mobile phones, and any inanimate objects.

With that in regard, we will not expect that our home will always be 100% free of any pollutants. Also, the temperature outside will always have an effect in our homes. The humidity levels go down during extreme weather conditions like winter and summer. All of the factors mentioned above will affect our health whether we like it or not. Thus, the question is, “How can one keep his or her home healthy for the occupants?”

The answer is to invest in products that can improve the indoor air quality. Homeowners can buy air purifiers to free their homes from impurities or air humidifiers in order to improve the air’s humidity. This is really a struggle but there are some situations that can help you decideĀ should you choose a humidifer or air purifier.

Choosing a Humidifier

Since humidifiers increase the humidity level within a home, they are recommended for individuals who have skin problems like eczema and skin dryness. They are also for conditions that usually worsen because of dryness like a sore throat, irritated eyes, nosebleeds, and regular asthma attacks. They can also be a good choice if people living in the home are constantly attacked by the cold and cough viruses, as well as those who have frequent allergic reactions and snoring conditions.

Choosing Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are also ideal for homes that have occupants who have asthma and allergies. In addition, homes that have smokers and pets will also benefit from air purifiers, as well as those who just painted or varnished their property or furniture as the product can remove the smell. With that in mind, they are also great for kitchens since they can remove the smell of the food being cooked, preventing it from sticking to the curtains, upholstery, and carpet. They are also ideal for homes that are near dusty roads or gardens.

The Similarities and Differences

As we have mentioned earlier, the two products differ when it comes to what they solve inside the home. However, they are similar when it comes to maintenance. Both of them need to be frequently cleaned so that they can maintain their efficiency, as well as to avoid making them contributors to unhealthy indoor air. Price-wise, humidifiers are more expensive than air purifiers but air purifiers function at a lower noise level than humidifiers.

Nonetheless, whatever you choose to have in your home, you must remember that they are not 100% solutions to health problems. Meaning, for illnesses mentioned above, they should still be used together with the prescribed medications.