3D Printer Maintenance Tips: How to Make it Last Longer

3D printing is a new technology that has still lots of room for development. No doubt, 3D printing will improved more in the years to come; and it is not surprising if it will dominate various sectors.


Chances are you’ve seen videos on social media and heard from colleagues that 3D printing is quite a fascinating technology. Well, it is certainly interesting knowing that a simple image can become a real object. It is probably the reason that caught your attention and encouraged you to buy a 3D printer.

3D printers are not cheap. This machine is expensive, especially if its features targets advanced and professional use. Although 3D printers can last for several years, poor maintenance can reduce it is lifespan. To assure that your 3D printer will last longer, below are maintenance tips to keep your printer in the best shape.

#1 Keep it Clean

Dust and dirt can be big trouble once it accumulates. It could affect the printer’s performance and might cause further damage when not removed. Moreover, the remaining glue on the build plate will cause foreign particles and molten plastics to get stuck on the build plate. When it happens, it could result in improper prints and damage to the finished project.

You can avoid this by keeping the build plate and whole machine clean from glue, dust, molten plastic, and other debris. Use a clean cloth to remove the dirt. If wiping off the residue won’t work, you can dip the plate in warm water and clean it by using a cloth.

#2 Lubricate the Printer

Some of the moving metal parts of the printer stop working because of poor lubrication. It can lead to premature damage to the project when printing. The printing process will take longer than usual. Also, frequent stoppages can lead to further damage to the printer’s moving parts.

3D printers need regular lubrication to prevent stoppages. You can use sewing oil and other lubricants that are safe to use with plastic. But remember not to apply to much lubricating oil. Excessive lubrication will only attract grime, dust, and dirt.

#3 Do Regular Machine Checkup

Check the machine’s condition at least once every month. Look for signs of damages and tighten up loose pulley screws. Loose screws can result in the misaligned system and lead to poor printing quality.

If you notice broken parts in the printer, immediately swap it with new ones. You can ask help from reliable online sources, like the www.digi3dverse.com, to find out how to troubleshoot 3D printers and solve such issues.

#4 Replace Dirty Filters

Replace the printer’s filters when necessary. A filter that is in good condition supports ventilation and helps in a better printing job.

#5 Update the Firmware

Keep the 3D printer’s firmware updated. If not updated, the printer won’t function properly and you might encounter issues when printing. Thus, keeping your printer updated will assure the best performance and high-quality projects.


Remember that your 3D printer needs extra care and attention. With proper maintenance, you can preserve the printer’s lifespan and create impressive projects.

Do you have more questions on how to take care of your 3D printer? Ask help from the experts here at Digi 3Dverse.

When to Use Tekton 5941 Digital Tire Gauge

Maintaining tire pressure is crucial in enhancing vehicle performance and safety. Too little pressure can cause premature damage to tires. Likewise, it forces the engine to work, which can lead to damage. Additionally, underinflated tires can affect car fuel economy.


Meanwhile, overinflated tires can make your ride bumpier. The tires won’t get a good grip on the road, and extremely dangerous during the rainy and winter season. Also, too much pressure can lead to a tire blowout, especially when traveling on hot weather.

In a nutshell, incorrect tire pressure increases your risks to road accidents.

How to Maintain Tire Pressure? 

The easiest way to maintain correct tire pressure is by checking it regularly using a tire pressure gauge. A tire pressure gauge is a basic tool that every car owner should have. Carrying a tire pressure gauge on your toolbox or glove box will save you one day. Moreover, you won’t have to spend money going to a car shop only to check your car’s tire pressure.

What is the Leading Tire Gauge Today? 

One of the well-respected and trusted brands of digital tire gauges nowadays is Tekton. This company specializes in manufacturing high-quality home tools and automotive devices like digital tire gauges.

Among the product lines of Tekton, the best-seller and sought out tire gauge model of this brand is Tekton 5941 digital tire gauge. The tool is quite popular with beginners and new car owners because of its user-friendly features. Moreover, professionals admire this device for its ergonomic design, convenience, and portability. Indeed, the Tekton 5941 is one of the best choices this 2020.

When to Use Tekton 5941? 

Albeit Tekton 5941 has many admirable features, it is not a flawless device. It has features that are only applicable to certain conditions. To learn more about it, below are the conditions when using Tekton 5941 is best.

  • For Vehicles With Different Tire Pressure Units

PSI is the basic unit used in measuring tire pressure. However, some vehicle manufacturers utilize different units. The 5941 by Tekton can measure up to 100 PSI. Moreover, it is applicable for vehicles using the following units: BAR, KPA, and KG/cm (cubed).

  • For Short-Distance Travel

If you frequently go on long-distance road trips, you might want to consider choosing an alternative rather than this product from Tekton. This tire pressure gauge is power-hungry. It requires four batteries to work. Thus, it’ll be a nuisance if the device suddenly runs out of battery power while you are on the road. For such trips, it is best to choose tire pressure gauges with longer battery life.

  • For Private Car Owners 

Owning a Tekton 5941 is handy if you are a private car owner. The device is portable. It is small enough to keep in the car’s glove box. Also, it is lightweight and features an ergonomic design.


Consequently, the Tekton 5941 tire pressure gauge is suitable for the daily travels of private car owners. It is also an ideal choice for beginners and newbies in tire pressure gauges. And since it came from a trustworthy brand, you can assure spending money on this tire pressure gauge is worth it.

Buyer’s Guide: What Makes a Digital Tire Pressure Gauge the Best?

Having a good tire pressure is often being underrated; in fact, not every car owner understands its significance, until the tire unexpectedly tears off, which leads to an accident while on the road.


How is tire pressure important?

If the tire’s pressure gauge is too low, the friction between the tire and the road increases, resulting in overheating of the tire and premature tear. If the tire pressure is too high, on the other hand, the tire is less likely to have a good roll on the ground; instead, it will bounce on the road. For this reason, several professionals and car enthusiasts would keep a tire pressure gauge with them.

What is a tire pressure gauge?

A tire pressure gauge is an instrument that measures the pressure of the tires. Each vehicle has specific instructions in terms of tire pressure; in most cases, you’ll find the manufacturer’s “optimum” or the recommended tire pressure is between 30 – 35 PSI, while, some cars have 32 – 40 PSI. Again, the right pressure gauge will depend on the manufacturer’s instruction.

There are different types of tire pressure gauge, but the most popular today is the digital tire pressure gauge. If you are planning to invest one today, here are the top features that make a digital tire pressure gauge the best.

#1: Accuracy

Accuracy in tire pressure reading is significant.

As mentioned earlier, if the tire’s gauge is too low or too high, you’ll meet lots of various tire problems that may lead to an accident while on the road. So, when you purchase a tire pressure gauge, make sure that the digital tire pressure gauge you are choosing can provide you accurate readings.

#2: Has Max PSI reading

Each vehicle has a specific tire pressure requirement; if you are to choose tire pressure gauge, pick one that will allow you to go above your vehicle’s requirement. For instance, your vehicle’s PSI requirement is at 40, choose a tire pressure gauge that is at 60 PSI.

#3: Easy-to-read

Another feature of the best digital tire pressure gauge is its display. Are the results easy to read and understandable? Make sure that the digital display will clearly show you the results you want to know. One of the best digital tire pressure gauges today that is accurate and designed with large, easy-to-read LCD is the Accutire – a reliable and durable digital tire pressure gauge that is worth to purchase.

#4: Ergonomically designed

Choose a digital tire pressure gauge that is ergonomically designed – the handle is rubber coated for easy gripping and the head must be readily angled for easy and convenient reading.

#5: Automatic shut-off

This is optional; however, if you are looking for the best digital tire pressure gauge, having one with an automatic shut-off that prevents deflation is a great feature to have on a tire pressure gauge.

Was this helpful?

Tire pressure gauge is very useful; not everyone may know its significance, at least you have the idea and you know you are safe on the road.

If you need additional details on the best digital tire pressure gauge today, try to visit My Automotive Zone’s website today.

Awesome Decorating Ideas for Your Front Porch

Did you know that your front porch can tell a lot about your personality?

Most people seem to neglect this area in their home and just settle with a welcome mat — and that’s it!


But it’s not yet too late to start redesigning your front porch to give it a new feel that would both be appealing to you and to your guests as well. It would even provide you with the best first impression for your home.

Now, here are some tricks that can help you beautifully design your porch:

  1. Paint a new color on your front door

To breathe new life to your front porch, you can try experimenting with your front door’s color. Use hues that are unexpected and unique which can be very effective in making a statement.

Aside from the color, you might also want to consider that your door’s design will compliment your overall architectural style. Also, you’d need to ensure that the paint is not chipping or peeling because that won’t look good, right?

Lastly, check if the hardware like hinges, mail slots, knocker, and knobs are neatly polished.

Did you know that well-maintained and well-coordinated hardware can provide a grand statement without draining your pockets?

  1. More rugs can be useful

Most designers would most likely suggest that you place rugs on your front porch to brighten it up. In fact, it can make a huge difference. Try imagining your porch without one, does it seem complete?

We don’t think so!

Aside from rugs that can complement your porch furniture, they also feel great on your bare feet.

If your porch floor has some scratches or flaws, you can successfully hide them by placing a rug. Very efficient, right?

Make sure that you keep it well-cleaned always so it’d give the impression that your porch is part of your home — and not one of the outdoors.

You might want something that’s made of coconut fiber — it looks good and it can also get rid of dirt on your footwear before you enter your home.

  1. Put up some lights

How can you show off your front porch if it’s too dark?

So why not put up some lights so that people can clearly see your beautifully-designed porch and aesthetically pleasing architectural style.

You might want to get some gas lanterns that you can place on your front door or maybe copper pendant lights that you can hang on your porch ceiling.

You can even use architectural stair lighting if you wish!

The lights can add a certain glow and warmth to your porch.

  1. Add some seats

To make your patio more comfortable, it’s highly recommended that you add some seats.

You can enjoy sitting there while enjoying a cup of coffee and conversing with a family member or visitor.

Looking for the perfect chair to add to your front porch? Check out this best outdoor rocking chair reviews and maybe you can choose one from the list.

Detailed Comparison Between a Dome Tent and a Cabin Tent

Dome tents and cabin tents are two of the most popular options for people who are shopping for a camping tent. While it’s true that they have their similarities, it’s also important that you learn about their unique differences before landing on a decision.


In the end, your choice would be affected by various factors like camping duration, kind of camping ground, expected weather conditions, number of campers, and of course, personal preference.

Moreover, you might also take into consideration other things like sleeping capacity, necessary storage space for your additional gears, and your physical height as well as other camper’s height. If you’re planning to bring your pet with you, it is advised that you include that in your list.

Once you understand those things, you can make the appropriate decision.

What are the common features of a dome tent and a cabin tent?

These tents were designed to accommodate large groups or a big family. That is one of their similarities; they both have enough space to house a huge number of people.

In general, a cabin tent can provide you more space compared to a dome tent. But it’s undeniable that both can give you an ample amount.

If you’re camping with a group that consists of eight or more people, a cabin tent would be the perfect option for you.

The materials used in both tents are also quite similar. For example, both of them usually use nylon-based materials. But there are some instances that cabin tents use a more heavy-duty material.

What are the benefits of a dome tent?

A dome tent is lightweight which makes it perfect for hiking and backpacking activities. Aside from that, it is also very easy to set up. It’d only take one person to completely set it up in just a matter of minutes.

There is even a new type of dome tent called pop-up dome tent. This is even easier to set up.

Moreover, a dome tent doesn’t require the use of ropes, stakes, tools, and pegs to firmly hold it down. The lack of those was compensated by the crisscrossing poles that also hold the tent’s fabric together. This unique feature can ensure that your tent will endure any harsh weather coming your way.

What are the benefits of a cabin tent?

A cabin tent can be easily determined by looking at the materials used. Usually, a cabin test is made of polyester or nylon. But if you wish, you can get the type that is made of canvas. Those are intended for long-term use or long-term camping.

With that said, it only means that canvas-made cabin tents are more durable. In fact, the canvas is one of the most durable fabrics for making tents. It can endure even the strongest weather.

Since dome tents are more convenient, it is a better choice for most people. You can learn more about dome tents by reading more about this Coleman dome tent.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Shoe Size via Online Shopping

Online shopping is the fastest way to shop a lot of things; however, when it comes to purchasing comfortable dress shoes online, there are a lot of expectations that go wrong.


If you are planning to purchase comfortable dress shoes online, here are the top tips on how to choose the right shoe size when purchasing online:

Tip #1: Check the length of your foot

Measuring the length of your foot is critical when purchasing the right shoe size for you, especially when you are purchasing it online. Using a tape measure, try to check the length of your foot starting from the toe and down to the heel.

However, for a faster and easier way to find out the length of your foot, try to map your foot on a large piece of paper. Trace the outline of your foot on the paper and try to measure its length and width. Or you can use a Brannock device to measure the width and the length of your foot.

Tip #2: Check the shoe manufacturer’s shoe size chart

To find out if the pair of shoes that you saw online, and planning to purchase, will fit your foot perfectly is to check the manufacturer’s shoe size chart.

Generally, there are different shoe sizes according to international standards, which are the UK, Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Asian shoe sizing. However, to make sure that you are purchasing the right shoe size online, you also need to check the manufacturer’s shoe size chart. Here is a complete source for your shoe size conversions.

Tip #3: Pay attention to the footwear’s size and shape

The next step is to closely check the footwear’s size and shape; does the footwear you are planning to purchase have a pointed nose? Does it have a wider opening? Do you have a high instep? Pay attention to the size and shape of the footwear and your foot too. Here’s how to check:

  • If you like dress shoes with a pointed nose, choose a pair of shoes that are one-to-two-inch larger than the size offered online because most of the shoes sold online with a pointed nose are a bit smaller than standard shoe size.
  • If you have a high instep, choose a pair of dress shoes with zipper at the sides of the shoes or has expandable style on the sides; this will allow you to comfortably set your foot inside the shoe.
  • If the upper part of your foot is particularly wider, avoid choosing dress shoes with a pointed nose.

Tip #4: Read reliable reviews

Another thing you can do to make sure that you are purchasing the right shoes online with the right size is to read reliable customer reviews, posts, and advice. At Comfortable Dress Shoes’ website, you’ll find a lot of tips and tricks on how to choose the right dress shoes.

Was it helpful?

If you can’t figure out which pair of shoes will fit you perfectly, you need to base your decision on choosing the right shoes according to the manufacturer’s shoe sizes. And try to read reliable posts like this.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors are used to sense and display your heart rate during different physical activities. Most people who use this are cyclists, walkers, and runners. They use it to adjust the intensity of their exercise. It is either they will slow down or speed up to achieve their preferred heart rate zone.


Two people going at the same intensity can have different heart rates. If you do your chosen physical activity often, it is possible that you perform at a higher intensity but you stay at the same heart rate.

What are the different types of heart rate monitors?

In this article, you will be introduced to three types of heart rate monitors.

  1. Pulse Monitors

This kind of monitor works by placing your fingers – either one or two – to the sensor buttons to detect your pulse. However, a pulse monitor cannot provide you with constant reading. In fact, they are more difficult to use compared to other heart rate monitors. If you always have cold fingers, it can display wild readings or no readings at all.

  1. Continuous Heart Rate Monitors Without a Strap

Continuous heart rate monitors are worn as an armband or a wristwatch. It reads your pulse through your skin with the optical sensors located at the back of the device. With this monitor, you can receive real-time heart rate readings.

However, just like pulse monitors, this device also has its limitations. If you use a monitor with infrared, your muscles might interfere with the readings. While if you use a device that uses green light as the Apple Watch, you might get zero readings if you have dark skin or tattoos.

If you prefer this monitor, you should look for one that uses yellow light to avoid the problems stated above.

  1. Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitors

This device is the most accurate heart rate monitor in the market. It comes with a chest strap that can be placed around your chest, just below your breast. It has a transmitter that reads your heart rate like an ECG does.

The results are then displayed via Bluetooth on a wristwatch or through a mobile phone application.

Make sure that the strap is in close contact with your chest skin at all times to avoid wild readings.

What are the features that you should look for?

If you are going to purchase a basic model, you will also get the basic features which are: elapsed exercise time and heart rate. However, it is better if your heart rate monitor has the following features:

  • Pre-programmed workouts
  • Computer/app link
  • Fitness test
  • Time in zone splits
  • Calories burned
  • Timers: alarm, clock, interval timers, stopwatch, countdown timer
  • Heart rate zone alarm

What other things should you consider in purchasing a heart rate monitor?

Aside from the different features, you should also consider its display, ease of use, and of course, the price. Make sure that the monitor is worth the money you are paying.

If you want to learn more about heart rate monitors, you can go to My Heart Rate Monitor.

Tips for Choosing the Best End Grain Cutting Board

Wooden chopping boards are the closest thing to perfection, starting from its durability, long lifespan, and aesthetic quality. The admirable features of this kitchen implement are the reasons why many love it.


If you are planning to buy a wooden cutting board, you’re in for a long ride. For one, this kitchen tool comes in a wide variety. Each one has unique features that are ideal for specific situations and purposes. And one of the things you need to know before buying a cutting board is the various type of cutting board wood grain.

There are three types of wood grain, namely, end-grain, edge-grain, and face-grain.

Face-grain is the most affordable among the three options. Sadly, it is vulnerable to warping and splitting over time.

On the other hand, edge-grain is more durable compared to a face grain. It is thicker and has a minimal chance of warping and splitting.

Between these three wood-grains, the best option is end-grain. This type of wood-grain is thicker and constructed from strips of wood. The exposed surface of the board is the wood’s end grain part that is more fibrous. A Knife can glide easily through the surface, keeping the edges sharp despite daily use. Moreover, it can heal itself from knife cuts. With this feature, an end-grain cutting board is less prone to bacterial contamination.


How to Find the Best End-Grain Cutting Board

Know that there is a wide variety of end-grain boards in the market. To guide you, here are some useful tips for choosing the best end grain cutting board.

No.1: Thicker Surfaces

Some buyers tend to go for thinner end-grain, thinking it has the same quality as long as it is an end-grain wood. Well, that is a big mistake for sure.

When buying an end-grain cutting board, go for thicker surfaces. It is more durable and has a longer lifespan compared to thinner boards. Likewise, it can withstand the impact of tough cutting.

No.2: Choose Hardwood

Regardless of whether you choose an end-grain or an edge-grain, it is crucial to pick the right type of wood. Always go for hardwood such as oak, maple, teak, and walnut. Such types of wood are stronger and tougher. Moreover, they have a longer lifespan.

Meanwhile, softwood is weaker and has a tendency to split and warp. Thus, this type of wood won’t make a great cutting board. Examples of softwood are pine, spruce, juniper, redwood, and yew.

No.3: Pick a Reliable Brand

A good rule of thumb when buying a cutting board is selecting a reliable brand with a great reputation. It is why reading product reviews is a must.

Reading product reviews will provide you in-depth details about the product. Moreover, you get the chance to find better alternatives. One of the trustworthy sources of cutting board reviews is the Kitchen Hacker Shop.


An end-grain cutting board is the best type of wooden cutting board out there. However, there are a few things you have to consider before deciding to buy one. The good thing is there are reliable online sources that can assist you.

If you have questions, the Kitchen Hacker Shop is your best guide.

Things That You Should Consider in Buying a Tent

If you love camping, then you should have all the necessary things to enjoy your camping whether with your friends or family. One of the most essential things that you should pack is a camping tent.


You may think that it is easy to buy a tent because there is a lot available online and in different local stores. But did you know that there are certain factors that you should consider in choosing one? If you ignore these factors, you might end up buying the wrong tent that would not fit your needs and the environment of the camping site.

Here are the different factors that you should keep in mind before deciding what kind of camping tent to buy:

  1. Sleeping Capacity

If you are choosing your camping tent, the first thing that you should consider is the number of people that are going to use a tent. Aside from that, you must also take note of whether you will bring pets or will need extra space for gears. Who knows, maybe a friend will decide to join you impromptu so it is best to be ready for such situations.

It is recommended that you add your expected tent capacity by 1 person. This decision is essential especially if:

  • You or your companions are bringing a pet or a child
  • You or your companions cannot sleep well if you do not have enough elbow room
  • You or your companions toss and turn at night
  • You or your companions are claustrophobic
  • You or your companions have a large body built
  1. Seasonality

There is three tent seasonality that you can choose from which are 4-season tents, 3-4 season tents, and 3 season tents.

The first tent seasonality is the 4 season tent which is designed to withstand substantial snow loads and fierce winds. As the name suggests, this type of tent can be used in all seasons. The feature that makes it different from other tent types is it sturdy enough to stand in any kind of weather, especially above the treeline and during the winter season.

It uses heavier fabrics and more poles compared to other types of tent. The dome-shaped design prevents snow from accumulating. It has lesser rainfly and mesh panels that are extended to the ground. As a result, the people inside the tent will feel warm.

The second one is the 3-4 season tent which is designed for prolonged use especially during the summer season. The good thing about this tent is you can still use it during late fall and early spring. The main goals of this type of tent is to offer its inhabitants a warmth-retention, durability, and balanced ventilation.

The last type is the 3 season tent which is the most popular choice of campers. The 3 season tent is lightweight and can be used during fall, summer, and spring. Unlike 4 seasons, 3 season has adequate numbers of mesh panels that allow airflow inside the tent. Although the mesh panels can keep insects out such as mosquitoes, it can still allow sand to enter.

Choosing a tent can be difficult. Fortunately, the difficulty level can be reduced if you check our review of CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent.

7 Awesome Reasons to Use Shoe Insoles

Are your shoes too big for you? Are you feeling uncomfortable and in pain after wearing your shoes for the entire day? If you experiencing these unfortunate situations, maybe it is time to use shoe insoles.


Some people take shoe insoles for granted because they think that their shoes alone are enough to protect them and get them comfortable. If you continue using your shoes without insoles, you will eventually suffer from various foot disorders.

Why should you use shoe insoles?

The most common reason that people use insoles is to make the shoe feel a bit smaller or to improve the fit of the shoe to their feet. However, there are other beneficial reasons that most people don’t know. Here are some of those reasons:

  1. It extends the lifespan of the shoe

Insoles come in different types in the market. Most of them are made from the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity. The insoles can reduce the impact on your shoe as you perform different activities daily, thus increasing the lifespan of your shoe.

Moreover, the insoles keep your feet in the perfect shape while inside the shoe. As a result, the shoe can maintain its shape and would have an extended lifespan.

  1. It adds comfort

As mentioned earlier, shoe insoles are made from the finest or high-quality materials. With that said, insoles can offer additional comfort, cushioning, and support. It minimizes the shock that your feet feel as you do different activities which makes you comfortable.

  1. It corrects foot disorders

Insoles can correct certain foot disorders like the following:

  • Neuroma
  • Bunions
  • Achilles heel pain
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Corns
  • Knee pain
  • Toe pain
  • Plantar fasciitis

Take note that you should consult your doctor first before using insoles to treat the disorders mentioned above. There are different types of insoles and your doctor can help you choose the type of insoles that is perfect for you.

  1. It makes your feet more flexible

The tissue in the heels of your feet is very thin which means that inflammation can happen when you run, walk, or stand for a long time. The inflammation would be due to the pressure and shock that your feet receive while doing those activities.

Through using insoles, your feet will feel more comfortable and you would not be afraid to do extra activities or movements with your feet.

  1. It prevents foot disorders

Aside from treating foot disorders, shoe insoles are also effective in preventing foot disorders. The comfort level that shoe insoles have to offer can avoid shock and pressure cause damage to your tissues and muscles.

  1. It improves posture

There is a specific type of shoe insoles that improves posture. It is called orthotic insoles. It can be custom-made to help you improve posture while running, walking, or simply standing up. Orthotic insoles can give you the necessary support for your posture.

  1. It adds warmth

Shoe insoles can help your feet feel warmer especially during the cold season. Since your shoe will have an additional layer, your feet will feel insulated.

If you are looking for the best shoe insoles in the market, you can read this protalus insoles review to narrow down your choices.