Turning to kayaking challenges for corporate team building

Different companies use different methods to build strong working teams amongst their employees. Most of the corporations now understand that succeeding in business means having a winning team; and the main difference between a winning and a losing team is found in how well they relate and work together.

There are several, different kinds of team building activities available to businesses today. Some of these activities include kayaking, skiing, mountaineering, sport racing and hiking. Among the different team building activities available for corporates and businesses, kayaking is an outdoor activity that is increasingly being adopted for bonding.

Kayaking offers a great way of socializing to both business leaders and their teams. Unlike some other team building activities that may generate resistance among employees, kayaking is a fun and great outdoor activity that is growing in popularity each day.

As one of the most popular outdoor activity of this decade, there’s a good chance that kayaking is something most employees would want to try or have been involved in before. By setting up a group kayaking trip, business owners and heads of corporates can give their employees a great opportunity to socialize while accomplishing a valuable business objective.

A simple kayaking excursion using tandem kayaks can help in accomplishing several team building goals. Tandem kayaks are paddled by two individuals and they are great for both beginners and skilled kayakers. There are different types of tandem kayaks available in the market and they are reasonably priced. Corporates and businesses can also rent tandem kayaks for use during team building sessions.

Inflatable tandem kayaks are considered extremely stable and they are easily portable. Some of these kayaks such as Sea Eagle 370 feature deluxe seats which offer maximum comfort throughout a paddling session. They also have large storage spaces where paddlers can store their personal effects and other paddling gear.

Other inflatable tandem kayaks such as intex explorer K2 can be used for both recreation and assorted adventures. These inflatable kayaks can also offer a great opportunity to teams that would want to try sport fishing. In order to paddle a tandem kayak, proper communication and cooperation between the two paddlers is important. Everyone on a tandem kayak will have to quickly learn how to work as a team whilst accommodating different paddling styles from their partners.

Paddling as group can be challenging. It is common for a large group of tandem kayaks to keep bouncing off one another before the group tries to take shape and start paddling in harmony. However, when people share new and exciting experiences and then learn to work together as a unit to overcome a particular challenge and complete a task, bonds will be formed that can transform a group of individuals into a team.

Kayaking provides an opportunity to overcome various challenges in a fun and enjoyable setting whilst giving teams a great experience and wonderful memories they can share with their co-workers thereby bringing individuals together as a group. Most important of all, kayaking, unlike most of the other team building activities, is something employees will be looking forward to, rather than dreading and resisting.


A detailed review of the intex challenger K2 kayaks

Leisurely paddling on a calm lake provides a kayaker with the opportunity to view sea creatures like the seals, pelicans, porpoises, sea ducks and sea lions which apparently do not view paddlers on the sea surface as a threat. The intex challenger K2 kayak is an affordable 2 seater kayak that is an appropriate boat for calm water touring and other recreational purposes especially for beginners. It’s a very affordable boat that is amazingly strong. Here are some of the main features of the intex challenger K2 kayak;

As an inflatable kayak that is manufactured using high quality PVC material it is suitable for beginners since it is quite light weighing only 30LB when in a deflated state and does not require much skill to assemble although a manual is also provided. The 30 gauge thick PVC material used is not easily punctured hence is appropriate for amateur kayakers who are bound to run through rough surfaces before getting skills to maneuver. However, in case it gets punctured, the intex challenger K2 comes with a repair kit.

With two inflatable chambers, the intex challenger K2 kayak has a rugged design and the vinyl material is resistant to the effects UV rays, oil and salty water. The two paddles that come with the vessel are 84 inches long and are made from aluminum material which makes them very light and easy to use. Its seats are easily inflated and can easily be adjusted while on the move.  A hand pump that easily inflates the kayak in just a few minutes is also provided on purchase of this vessel.

The intex challenger K2 kayaks paddles can be easily assembled and disassembled for easy carrying.

At 138 inches in length and a width of 30 inches, the Intex challenger K2 kayak has enough space for your legs and it is quite comfortable for short recreational trips. It is also designed with a well placed cargo net at the nose of the craft to cater for additional luggage like water cans, snacks and packed food.

Its streamlined shape and the skeg that is usually placed underneath the vessel makes it highly stable especially when paddling on waters that do not require a lot of maneuvering. This makes it an ideal vessel for beginner kayakers.

When fully inflated the intex challenger K2 kayak is capable of handling up to 350lbs and is known to be quite stable on the water. The bright colors of the vessel gives it an exceptionally sporty feel and makes it stand out while on the water.

With the above features in mind the intex challenger K2 kayak can be categorized as a versatile vessel that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Due to its length it has adequate space that can handle fishing equipments hence can be used for fishing purposes. With its rugged design and Strong PVC material it can be used to paddle on both calm and rough waters. Since it has the capacity to carry two people the intex challenger K2 kayak can be used for recreational touring purposes especially for couples.


The best type of fish finders to use in fresh water fishing

Kayaks have been used for fishing and hunting for several generations by the Inuit. They are generally similar to canoes, but they have a smaller body. Kayaks are usually manned by one or two people using a double bladed paddle. The main difference between a canoe and a kayak lies in their structure and the way a paddler sits inside them.

For instance, for a canoe, a paddler sits with their feet drawn close to their chest while using a single bladed paddle. For a kayak, a double bladed paddle is held by the paddler who sits with his legs stretched in front of him and their legs are covered by an extended hull in the case of a sit-in-kayak. Sit on top kayaks on the other hand resemble a surf board and the paddler sits in an open cockpit.

Sit-on-top kayaks are considered relatively stable than the sit-in kayaks and they provide a stable fishing platform for both beginners and skilled kayakers. Most of the anglers prefer the sit-on-top kayaks as most of them are accessorized with features that make fishing easier and fun. These kayaks can be used for both fresh water and salty water fishing.

Apart from kayaks, development of modern fishing equipment has made fishing much easier and exciting. Both skilled and novice anglers can use various fishing equipment such as fish finders to locate fish in their hideouts easily.

There are different types of fish finders suitable for use in salt and fresh water environments. Most of the fish finders are specific to the environments where they can be used.  If an angler decides to go freshwater fishing, then they need to look for a fish finder that will work best in a freshwater environment.

Generally, single frequency fish finders are suitable for freshwater fishing such as in lakes, rivers, shallow ponds and also in shallow coastal fishing grounds and they are generally less expensive.

Single frequency fish finders have a low penetrating power than dual frequency models, a feature that is acceptable for most fresh water environments. Most of the fresh water fishing grounds are shallow, so being able to search to depths of 1000 feet or more is not needed. Most of the single frequency fish finders have a larger cone angle which enables an angler to view a broader area.

However, if an angler happens to go bass-fishing in the Great Lakes or other deep waters such as big rivers, then a dual frequency fish finder will serve them better. The dual frequency fish finder settings allows an angler a greater visibility at deeper depth.

Dual frequency fish finders can be used for bass fishing in deep fresh waters such as rivers and lakes. Combining fish finders and best bait for bass can help an angler experience the thrill of a lifetime in bass-fishing. Dual frequency fish finder have made bass catching much easier and more exciting.

When choosing a fish finder for use in fresh waters, anglers are advised to consider the type of vessel they are likely to use. Most of the fish finders are portable and are easy to use in a simple crafts such as a kayak. There are other sophisticated fish finders that require some skills to use while fishing from a kayak.


As Human as a Dog Can Be

Dogs are a lot like humans in a number of ways. Many of the illnesses that they get are similar to that of a human. Diseases and illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and digestive problems, dogs and humans can get. While they are a lot like humans in a variety of ways, there are some medications that humans take that dogs should not. Keep reading to find out more about the medications that dogs can and cannot take for their illnesses.

Dogs get aches and pains much like humans do. Many older dogs get diagnosed with arthritis and suffer from severe joint pain. Their owners, who want to do anything they can to help them try to give them medication to help ease their pain. While this is a kind-hearted thing to do for your pet, it is usually a big no-no. You should not give your dog Tylenol. There are some pain medications that are considered to be like a Tylenol for dogs, but you should not give your pet over-the-counter medication without consulting a veterinarian.

This rule applies for ibuprofen for dogs as well. Your first thought when it comes to helping your dog ease pain is to run to the medicine cabinet. Sometimes veterinarians will recommend a medication such as aspirin to help ease your dog’s pain. However, more often than not a vet is going to give your pet a prescription drug that is formulated just for dogs.

According to most veterinarians, NSAIDS are safe to give to your pet when they are experiencing pain due to arthritis or joint pain. Medications such as rimadyl and previcox, are prescribed as they are specially made for dogs with arthritis. Even though some over-the-counter products can relieve your dog’s pain temporarily, it is not safe to give your dog anything from your medicine without consulting a veterinarian.

Your dog can experience side effects of over-the-counter medications are given. Often times dogs experience vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive issues especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach. The prescription medications have similar side effects but if they are experienced then your dog must be seen by your veterinarian right away. You could be causing more damage to your dog by giving him something that is not prescribed. Always follow the order of your vet and never do anything that could cause your pet more harm.

Nobody wants to see their dog in pain. If you get the urge to run to the medicine cabinet, then train yourself to pick up the phone instead. Your dog may have arthritis or another serious condition that needs to be treated by a vet. Taking care of your dog’s health is the best thing that you can do for him.

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When Pets Get Too Close for Comfort

Pet dander that is found in their hair can trigger allergies and other respiratory related problems. Studies have shown that more than 30% of the people who suffer from asthma are also allergic to dogs or cats. If your child suffers from asthma there is a good chance that they are allergic to your dog. If you are not sure whether or not your child is allergic to your pet, you can always take them to the doctor to have them tested for specific allergies. Your doctor may even be able to give them an allergy shot to prevent the reoccurrence of symptoms.

The best thing you can do if your child is allergic to pet dander is and you decide to keep your pet, is to make sure your home is cleaned and vacuumed properly and on a regular basis. Dyson makes an Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner that is the best pet hair vacuum on the market. It utilizes a cyclone technology that allows more airflow to get through which provides more suction power. It can get into hard to reach places and get deep into the carpet to take care of all pet hair and dander. These vacuums are a bit more expensive, but are definitely worth the price you pay as it helps prevent allergy and asthma symptoms in your child.

Handheld vacuums are also a good option to eliminate pet hair from your home. The best handheld vacuum for pet hair in 2015 is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum. It is powerful enough to use inside the home yet small enough to use in your car or other small areas. It is equipped with a multi-level filtration system that picks up pet hair and dander that is buried deep within your carpet. This would be the perfect vacuum to keep inside of your car if your pet frequently takes rides in it.

Another precaution you can take is to purchase an air cleaner. HEPA air cleaners have the ability to rid of air of dander that gets into the air. This works better for cats than dogs but still can be effective. Make sure you take the time to brush your pet regularly and vacuum up any excess hair that might cause your child’s asthma to flare up. It is important that you take these precautions before deciding to keep your pet in the home.

If you want to keep your pet in the home when your child has asthma-related allergies, you must take these precautions to make sure that they don’t experience these allergies. It does not take much effort to protect both your child as well as your pet.

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The Smell of Trouble

More often than not if you have a dog he/she has bad breath. Your first thought is probably to figure out what you can purchase to make that bad breath go away. That is not really the first thing you should take into consideration. Before you go out searching for products to fix the problem you must first find out what is causing the bad breath to be such a problem. Diagnosing the problem is the first step in being able to treat it. There are a number of factors that can cause your pet to have bad breath.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are several conditions that can cause your pet to have bad breath. One of the most common ones is periodontal disease. Studies have shown that more than 80% of pets over the age of 5 have some form of periodontal disease. The bacteria causes plaque which causes the dog to have bad breath. This is a serious condition that needs to be treated right away as it can cause more serious problems later down the road.

Gastrointestinal disease is another common condition that causes bad breath in dogs. If your dog has any type of digestive problems then their breath will smell foul. Metabolic disease is one that effects the rate of metabolic balance which can impact the amount of toxins that are in the blood. The most common disease of this type is kidney disease.

Bad Breath Remedies

There are things you can do at home that can help with your dog’s bad breath. Bad breath in dogs is very common but can be easily treated. Before you try any home remedies you should take your dog to the vet to get a dental examination. This will help to diagnose the problem. If they are diagnosed with periodontal disease, your vet may prescribe a medication to help get rid of the excess plaque. If it is too expensive you can also go online and search for a 1800petmeds coupon code that will help you get cheaper meds for your pet.

If your dog is diagnosed with a periodontal disease or another dental problem, your vet may give you a toothpaste to use on your pet daily to help get rid of the plaque buildup. Only use toothpaste that is prescribed or recommended by your vet. Anything else could do more damage to your dog’s teeth and gums.

Bad breath is typically the result of a more serious problem. Make sure you take your pet to the vet as soon as you suspect it might be a more serious condition. Sometimes it is nothing but often times it is a condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible.


Understanding Mysterious Felines

Kitty cats are really something, aren’t they? They are cuddly, lovable, and often can be our best friends. They are amazing a play a major role in our lives. However, those cute kitties have some strange habits and rituals that leaves us scratching our heads. Has one of your cats ever ran outside simply to eat grass? Have you ever witnessed a cat who kneads on a blanket or soft surface? These are just a couple of the odd habits I am talking about. Even though it seems weird to us, there are logical reasons behind these unusual tendencies. Let’s take a minute to discuss why felines have these peculiar habits.

There are cats who like to catch a bite of grass when they can. It might seem abnormal to you but they have a reason for doing it. So why do cats eat grass? Many times cats will nibble on some grass when they have an upset stomach or have are having trouble digesting certain kinds of foods. Eating grass also helps your cat rid itself of any hairballs that they are having trouble getting rid of. It also provides added nutrients to your cat that they might not be getting from their cat food. It is very rare, but a cat might consume as a method of oral fixation. Some cats with behavioral issues have a tendency to chew on unusual objects and grass is one of these. While grass is not completely dangerous to your cat you should discourage the behavior. Some people put pesticides or other types of chemicals onto their lawns and this could make your cat extremely ill.

If you have ever seen a cat push its paws back and forth on a blanket or soft surface this is called kneading. You may be wondering why do cats knead on those blankets. There are several reasons why a cat might do this.  One reason they do this is to create a comforting place to sleep. The most common reason a cat kneads is to show their happiness and appreciation as well as feeling of content. Similar to what dogs do when they urinate on objects, cats may also be marking their territories, meaning, stay away from my blanket! Kittens tend to knead against their mother when they were being fed so some also believe that they are trying to generate some form of nourishment. This could mean that your cat may have been taken away from their mother too soon and are simply trying to recreate that feeling of nourishment.

Cats are unique creatures but there is a reason behind all of the silly little things they do. They tend to love us no matter what so I am sure we can manage to do that for them.


Food That Is Good For You, But Bad For Your Pet

Just like humans, dogs need to have a healthy diet. A good, versatile diet can really have a surprising impact on not just your health, but your behavior and mood as well – the same thing exists in dogs. Dogs that get enough food, but not too much – and eat healthily – are noticeably more active, happier, and enjoyable to be around than dogs who don’t do any of that. Too many dog owners just get lazy when it comes to monitor their pup’s diets, and they let them eat whatever they want. Table scraps might be on the menu far more often then they should be. This can lead to an obese dog, or worse yet, death. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing a diet for your dog.

Obviously dog food and the regular kebble bowl is pretty much required. With that said, you and your dog might get sick of it. Dog food can be expensive and sometimes you run out and just can’t get to the store in time to get some more. This is when having a creative knowledge of what a dog can eat is helpful. Giving your dog a dessert is perfectly fine too. My personal favorite dessert for my dog is yogurt. A lot of dog owners don’t realize that your dog can actually eat yogurt! Not every dog though, you must take some very serious precautionary measures before you feed your dog yogurt. First of all, you need to make sure that your pup is not lactose intolerant. If you aren’t sure, then go online and search to see what some signs are for your dog. Some of these signs vary depending on the size of your dog though, so things might be different for a medium-sized dog breed compared to another.

I would definitely recommend favoring low-fat yogurt over yogurt with more fat in it. Your dog might enjoy the fattier yogurt more, but you won’t when he or she gets diarrhea from it. Low-fat yogurt is much easier on the digestive system and is generally healthier for your dog. Giving your dog too much fatty foods could lead to pancreatitis! I also like chopping up some fruits and putting them in the yogurt as well. Again, there are some fruits that you need to avoid. Grapes for instance are like poison to dogs, and should be avoided at all costs. However, a banana is a good, healthy, delicious choice!

The Pink Eyed Dogs

The Pink Eyed Dogs

Just like humans dogs can get diseases and conditions that are unbearable for them to stand. In many cases these diseases and conditions can be treated with medication. Conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and pink eye are all conditions that both humans and dogs can obtain. Arthritis can be a painful condition in both dogs and humans. The good thing is there is a medicine that can help your dog through the pain. Pink eye is another condition that can be treated with medication as well. Here are some of those medications to help treat your pet’s illnesses.

Humans can get pink eye but can dogs get pink eye as well? The answer is yes they can. Conjunctivitis in dogs is actually quite common. Pinkeye is typically caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies, and sometimes disorders of the auto immune system. Sometimes pinkeye can be caused by simple irritants such as dust and cigarette smoke. Some of the symptoms are swelling, rubbing of the eyes, discharge, and redness of the eyes. The good news is that pink eye can be treated and dogs as well. To keep your dog from consistently scratching his eye a veterinarian like prescribe a topical ointment to assist with the itching and swelling.

Most of the time pink eye is simply caused by an irritant but can also be caused by an autoimmune disorder. So it is important to make sure your dog is checked out by a veterinarian. Never let any of these conditions go untreated. If your dog is getting pink eye on multiple occasions this could be signs of a more serious disorder so it is important to make sure they are checked out.

Probiotics have the potential to do a lot of positive things for your dog. They have the ability to boost their immune system as well as addressing any bacterial imbalances. Probiotics and potentially eliminate disease causing bacteria within your pet. Purina makes the best probiotics for dogs called Fortiflora that is a probiotic supplement for dogs. This supplement helps to reduce gas in dogs as well as other stomach problems such as diarrhea. Giving your dog one pack of the supplement daily could make a big difference in their overall intestinal health. Nutramax also makes a similar product that promotes a healthy digestive tract in your pet. It helps to eliminate diarrhea and can be used as a long term solution for tummy troubles.

While there are many medications that can help your pet there are other medications that can harm them. It is important to recognize the signs of any serious health issue and report it to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Taking good care of your dog’s health is a great way to make sure they stay strong and healthy for a long time.

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The Ugly Side Of Rimadyl

The Ugly Side Of Rimadyl

Just like humans dogs can get diseases and conditions that are unbearable for them to stand. In many cases these diseases and conditions can be treated with medication. Conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and pink eye are all conditions that both humans and dogs can obtain. Arthritis can be a painful condition in both dogs and humans. The good thing is there is a medicine that can help your dog through the pain. Pink eye is another condition that can be treated with medication as well. Here are some of those medications to help treat your pet’s illnesses.

Rimadyl is a drug for dogs that assists them through their arthritis symptoms. Rimadyl has very few side effects and is safe for dogs to take. Rimadyl is an anti-inflammatory drug that has been approved by the FDA to relieve pain and inflammation in dogs with arthritis. Pain medications such as aspirin are useful for humans can be toxic to your pet. Thankfully Rimadyl is there to help your dog through their pain and suffering that is caused by arthritis. It is highly recommended by many veterinarian all across the world and has been proven safe for your dog to take once or twice a day. This is the first medication to be approved in the United States for dogs who suffer with arthritis. Rimadyl is not harmful to your pet and can help them get back to their normal lives.

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition which your dog’s skin is unable to hold moisture. This condition is typically caused by the use of harsh soaps and detergents as well as extreme weather changes. It can also be caused by an allergic reaction. Although it is very itchy and uncomfortable for your pet to endure there are treatments for this illness. Atopica for dogs is a medicine you can give your pet to relieve pain and itching caused by atopic dermatitis. This medicine typically comes in the form of a capsule and you can get it to your pet for up to 30 days. There are some side effects of this medication when given to your dog. If your dog is experiencing excessive vomiting or diarrhea you want to contact your veterinarian immediately. There are some less common side effects such as urinary tract infection or mild discomfort of the eye.

It is extremely important to take care of your pet and make sure that he gets the vaccinations that he needs to prevent disease and infection. If you think that your pet has atopic dermatitis make sure you see your vet right away. Protecting your dog from unwanted diseases is the best way to show him that you care.

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