Loving outdoor recreation and being introduced to sea kayaking

I love the outdoors. Maybe this is because I was born and brought up out in the open countryside where I grew up admiring the lush rolling hills of my homeland. Moving to the city as an adult and being stuck day in day out in the concrete jungle makes my inner being constantly yearn for the freedom of the peaceful open expanse of the outdoors.

My job as dental assistant has me holed up all day long in the sterile conditions of the dentistry which after some time becomes quite overwhelming. The daily work of tending to the needs of numerous people in the confined space makes my body crave for a change in the environment. I crave for the outdoors.

During my first years in town, I lived a very solitary life since I was new in town and I was not acquainted with anyone in the new town. I am also not very good in making new friends. Many times during the weekends I would decide to engage in outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, or just relaxing in the coastal beaches that are close to the town where I live.

One day while relaxing at the beach enjoying the warm sun rays that graced the beautiful Saturday morning, I got drawn into the conversation of two gentlemen who were also enjoying the sun nearby. They were discussing something about my favorite baseball team and quite naturally I could not resist contributing my two cents in the discussion.

After a heated debate on the tactics of the new coach who had just been appointed to head the team, one could easily say we were long time buddies. One of the men then suggested that we go kayaking for the sea was that morning very calm and very inviting.

I told the guys that I had not kayaked before. They told me that kayaking was the easiest thing to learn and they promised that I would enjoy it. Grudgingly I followed them to the kayak stand where we hired some sea eagle 330 inflatable kayaks. The kayaks were very light and we each carried our kayak and paddle to the water.

I was initially apprehensive of getting into the kayak for I had no previous sailing experience whatsoever. With encouragement from the two new friends, I was however able to gather courage and get into the kayak. True to their words, I was able to quickly learn to kayak. Within a short time, I was navigating my kayak following the other two guys into the open waters.

The experience was breathtaking for me. I was so exhilarated by the experience that I insisted to stay longer in the water. We stayed in the water kayaking for the rest of the day and left only when it was getting dark.

The kayaking experience was such a wonderful discovery for me that I vowed to go back again.

Since then I have become a great kayaking enthusiast and I am now thinking of investing in a cheap kayak that I can be using instead of having to hire one all the time.

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