Important Features of Triathlon Watches

1Triathlon is an athletic activity that is becoming nowadays not just for regular individuals but also for celebrities. That is due to the fact that many people are becoming health and fitness conscious. For people who are not really aware, triathlon is a race wherein participants or athletes will undergo three physical activities. Such include running, swimming, and cycling.

Triathlon watches have been manufactured in order to assist triathlon athletes in their training, as well as during competition. That is because it is the one responsible for tracking and recording their progress in the three events. Hence, there are certain features that should be present when buying a triathlon watch. The good thing is that this article will give interested individuals with anĀ excellent advice!

Features for Swimming Metrics

Obviously, swimming involves water. Thus, triathlon watches should be waterproof so that it can work while the users are swimming and can still record and track the users’ progress. The waterproof level or efficiency of a watch is measured using the ATM. According to experts, people should find the ones that have five or more levels of ATM.

The watch should also be capable of measuring the users’ swimming efficiency which can be achieved by measuring the number of strokes made and the time needed to accomplish a certain pool length. Great triathlon watches should also have an open-water mode. That is because most triathlons are not held in swimming pools but in rivers and other bodies of water.

Features for Running and Cycling Metrics

Basically, most fitness watches will measure the user’s heart rate and speed, as well as the distance traveled and the time needed to reach such distance. However, triathlon watches should have more advanced features so that the user will be more efficient.

Good triathlon watches should be capable of measuring the user’s cadence or number of steps for every given minute. It should also give metrics about the user’s ground contact time or the time required for the user’s foot to reach the ground. Lastly, it should also measure the user’s vertical oscillation or the time required for the user to bounce up and down.

Other General Features

Giving the metrics of the user for each part of the triathlon event is important since it will be the basis of the user for his or her improvement. Meaning, through such, users will be able to know where they need to improve and where they excel. Hence, they can do better for their next triathlon event and they will also know where to focus during their training. Nevertheless, there are still other features will be very helpful.

  • GPS Tracking

This feature is the most important since it will be the one responsible for measuring the user’s distance and speed.

  • Battery Life

A good triathlon watch should have a long battery life so that it will not drain during any part of the triathlon.

  • Transition Mode

Changing from one event to the other, like from swimming to cycling, should also be quick enough so that the user will not be wasting any time.

Final Words

As can be denoted from above, a triathlon watch should be helpful in improving a tri-athletes performance. It should also not hinder them at any point in the event.

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