How to Train Your Cat


Training a cat, or any pet for that matter requires lots of patience and understanding. Though some cat owners think that it is an impossible task, training a cat is very similar to training a dog. (You just won’t be able to train it to go fetch the newspaper or something like that.) But, they are trainable and a lot of cat lovers can prove it to you. Just because cats can only understand around 25 to 35 words (that’s about a quarter or what dogs understand) doesn’t mean they cannot follow commands. They can, as long as they are trained properly, they could do what you ask them to do. You should learn the right way to train a cat in order for you to teach it successfully. Here are some advice that could be helpful in training your pet.


1. Start Training Early


You should already train your pet even if it’s just a kitten. The earlier you train it, the faster it would learn and what it learned then would stay with it until adulthood. However, this does not mean that cats can’t be trained when they’re already adults. Some cat owners have adopted some fur balls when they were already full grown. And they were able to teach them tricks, though it was a bit harder and it requires even more patience.


2. Encourage! Not Discourage!


This system is being used to children. And it is also very effective when training animals. Instead of hitting or punishing your cat when it does something bad, you should focus more on giving it treats or other rewards when it follows your command or does what you tell it to do. But, your cat still needs to understand the word ‘No’ and respond to it.


3. Understand Their Language


Training is not just about the cat understanding your words. It should be a two-way process. If you have been taking care of cats for years, you might already understand what their specific ‘meow’ means or what they want when they sit still in front of you as they gaze up at your eyes. However, if you have just found out your love of cats recently, you might want to take some time and observe your pet’s movements and sounds. The more you understand your cat, the easier for you to let it understand you.


4. Let Them Socialize


Cats are usually indoor pets. But, cats are also social animals. They are happier when they are around other cats. When training your cat, you would need it to be in a good mood for it to better respond to your commands. Allow it to play with the neighbor’s cat and have fun with its kind. Just make sure to put a leash on your cat when you are strolling outside your house.


5. Have Fun With Your Cat


You would not want a terrified look in your cat’s eyes whenever it sees you. Just because you are training it, doesn’t mean you have to be strict all the time. Training a cat is different from sending it to a boot camp.

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