How to Replace an Underseat Subwoofer

You might decide to upgrade your underseat subwoofer so that you can enjoy the seamless quality that comes with the new brand. This is advisable if you cherish your bass sound in your songs and would wish to have a relaxing time as the music plays in your car that is free from distortions.


For starters, the subwoofer that you wish to install in your car should be of the right size that your car can offer. Make sure that get a convenient position to place the Best underseat subwoofer that you bought.

When you are getting ready to replace your underseat subwoofer, make sure that the battery is disconnected. The first step is running the amp power wire from the power source which is the car battery to the cabin of the car. This can be done by taking off the dash and passing the wire through from the battery.

You will need an amplifier wiring kit for the connection. This will work for the power wire, ground wire and also for the remote turn on wire. It might come with a fuse but most subwoofers have inbuilt fuses. The next step is a series of connection through the walls of the spaces within the car until where the underseat subwoofer is.

The next step that follows is running the turn-on wire and signal cables. They should be first connected to your stereo which is placed on the dashboard of your car. Thereafter, connect the ground wire to the car’s chassis.

The last step in the installation is mounting your underseat subwoofer beneath the seats as you would wish. You can make use of gentle curves on your wires and cables so that they do not get worn out easily.

After all this, you have to run a test on your connected underseat subwoofer to see if you got the connections right. So reconnect your power source, which is your car battery. It is also recommended that before you light it up, the inbuilt gains of the amplifier should be turned all the way down.

If the subwoofer turns on then you have got the installation part right. You can then play bass music on your stereo and examine the quality that you get from the underseat subwoofer that you have just replaced.

If you get stuck or that the bass being produced is not of quality, it is advisable that you seek the consultation of an expert. This may mean that the connection is not well done and rarely will it be that the underseat subwoofer is a low-quality one. You may just have got one or two connections wrong.

Wrapping up, normally subwoofers are for the bass sounds that ordinary car speakers are unable to produce due to their size. When you decide to get a subwoofer, you should choose an appropriate one for the space that the car interior is willing to spare. If you get one that is too spacy, you will be inconvenienced.

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