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What are nerf melee weapons

Wondering what are Nerf melee weapons?

If you are looking for some great games for your kid, there are only a few that can be as exciting as a Nerf battle. To be honest, Nerf wars are something adults love too, so we shouldn’t restrict you from having some great fun!


What are Nerf Melee Weapons?

A nerf melee weapon is a soft and mostly a foam firing hand-held weapon, used in close combat.

While you could call it a toy, for your kid, it’s one of the deadly weapons they would need to win a Nerf war.

When it comes to a Nerf battle, you should know that you cannot only depend on a blaster to pull you through. Instead, you need the right Nerf melee weapons, which could be anything from a strike blade to a battle master mace.

A Nerf melee weapon can also be a Knife, a Rail Blade, or even a Sword depending on how your or your kids would like to play.

What Should You Look For in a Nerf Melee Weapon?

Most of these weapons are foam based, and so are not dangerous for kids. While initially made for kids and without the ability to do much, you do have some high-tech nerf weapons today in the market that can coordinate with video games.

Players can combat their enemies with the weapon, and teenagers could even play video games, and outdoor games with their favorite nerf melee weapon.

The type of Nerf melee weapon suited for you depends on where you are playing it – Nerf wars can be played anywhere from basements, offices, backyards to even public parks and schools.

You don’t have to use the melee weapons for real – you only have to pretend that you are using it.

The game rules are simple too – anyone striking hard will be right away suspended from the games. Nerf melee weapons are not allowed without holding ranks in some games.

What Are the Different Types of Nerf Melee Weapons?

So, how did the trend of Nerf melee weapons come about?

Nerf weapons were created by Parker Brothers and is currently owned by Hasbro. Initially, Parker Brothers developed only a four-inch (102mm) polyurethane foam ball in 1969. This foam ball was introduced as the “world’s first official indoor ball”.

As of now, they have all the types of automatic and non-automatic weapons that army of the USA has and actually more than that.

Types of nerf melee weapons

Depending upon the nature of games it can be of following types:

  • Marauder Long Sword.
  • Rail Blade.
  • Vendetta Double Sword.
  • Swift Justice.
  • Vantage Sword.
  • Strikeblade.
  • Warlock Axe.
  • Claw hatchet.
  • Thor Battle Hammer… and many more.

However, if you are fed up with existed weapons here’s a solution, you can make your custom melee weapon. Yeah, you got it right.


It’s not just something that you or your kid can play for hours – some famous feature films use them too, like in the Transformers, the G.I. Joe or even Ouija (series).