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Looking at sit in kayaks versus sit on top kayaks; their advantages and their disadvantages

In the kayaking world, there are two major categories of kayaks; these are the sit in kayaks and the sit on top kayaks.

The sit in kayaks are kayaks that assume the design and shape of the original kayaks that were made and used by the Inuk of the Greenland and arctic regions of the North Pole. The Inuit people designed the sit in kayak due to the need to come up with a vessel that they could use for their hunting and their fishing expeditions.

Living in the harsh cold environments of the North Pole, they needed vessels that were very safe. This is because the Inuit people could not afford the risk of capsizing in the water. Capsizing in the ice cold water would mean instant death through asphyxiation. In the cold water, the Inuit could also not swim since their heavy clothing would bog them down and drown them.

The design of the original sit in kayak is such that the rounded hull has a covered deck with only a small opening which is the pilot’s cockpit. The pilot sits in the cockpit with his lower body buried into the hollow of the deck and only the upper torso is exposed atop the kayak. The pilot wears a water tight skirt around his waist and the skirt is fastened to the kayak. The skirt prevents water from getting into the hollow deck including in the event of the kayak capsizing.

In case the sit in kayak capsizes, the pilot can use his body to roll the vessel and regain its upright position thereby saving the pilot from sure death. Since the pilot can also use his body to steer the vessel, the sit in kayaks are much easier to navigate and control.

The other type of kayak is the sit on top kayak. The sit on top kayak has a design whereby the pilot sits on the kayak and hence the name of the design. Unlike in the sit in kayak, the pilot has his whole body exposed atop the kayak.

The sit on top kayak is a kayak design that was developed much later after the sit in kayak had been in use for many years. The sit on top kayak is mostly a result of the need for people to come up with a kayak that was more convenient for recreational use.

The sit on top kayak is ideal for recreational use because it affords the pilot the freedom to move around atop the kayak and it also allows him the freedom to turn in any direction. On a sit on top kayak, the pilot is also able to enjoy the elements of the outdoors better. This includes the breeze and the sun. Revelers can enjoy getting a whole body tan atop a sit on top kayak.

Sit on top kayaks are easy to embark and disembark from. The passengers can even stand on them. This is for example useful for anglers who might need to stand to get a good view while fishing.


Beginners guide on the important points to remember when shopping for a recreational kayak

Kayaking today has become very popular with many people turning to it as a form of recreational activity. There before, kayaking was not much known and was not very popular. This is until the introduction of some user friendly kayak models that are easy to use and manage. These new kayak models helped attract a lot of new kayaking enthusiasts.

As more and more people are embracing kayaking as a recreational activity, more people are also finding the need to buy their own personal kayaks and stop depending on hiring kayaks whenever they want to enjoy some kayaking. Kayak shopping is an activity that can be quite tricky especially for someone who does not have adequate knowledge and experience using kayaks.

There are many types of kayaks in the market today. There are major classifications that we can use to categories the different types of kayaks. The first major categories of kayaks are the sit in kayaks and the sit on top kayaks.

Sit in kayaks are kayaks that assume the original design of the kayak. This is where the kayak had a covered deck and the pilot sat in a cockpit with his lower body and legs buried in the hollow of the kayak. Sit on top kayaks on the other hand are designed such that the pilot has his body fully exposed on the kayak. The sit on top kayaks are the most preferred by recreational users.

Another classification of kayaks is the hard shell kayak and the inflatable kayak. Hard shell kayaks, as the name suggests, are kayaks that are made with a hard tough hull. Inflatable kayaks on the other hand are made of a flexible tube like material that is inflated to form the kayak. Both these types of kayaks are used for recreational purposes although inflatable kayaks are mostly preferred due to their affordability and their portability.

Recreational kayaks can be used for many types of activities. For example, a kayak such as the hard shell sport pescador 12 kayak is a kayak that can be used for recreational sailing in the ocean or in calm rivers. It can also be used for recreational fishing. Hard shell kayaks are good for sporting activities due to their agility and good handling in water. They are however not ideal for beginners.

For recreational kayaking in fast rough water, such as for white water kayaking, the best types of kayaks are hard shell sit in kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks are the best kayaks for novices since they have high initial stability. This means that they are relatively more stable when motionless and in calm waters which are the ideal conditions for the beginner.

Sit on top kayaks are generally the mostly used kayaks for recreation purposes since they provide a more comfortable sitting position for the user allowing him freedom to turn around in any direction. Sit on top kayaks also provide adequate room for carrying extra stuff.

Sit on top kayaks are also the most suitable for carrying along pets such as dogs.


Deep sea kayaking on vacation in the Broken Group Islands of Barkley Sound

For vacation this year I and three of my friends had a wonderful time when we went off deep sea kayaking in the Broken Group Islands of Barkley Sound in the west coast of Vancouver Island. My friends and I are all outdoor enthusiasts and every year we plan and have an elaborate outdoor excursion. We have visited many places around the world and engaged in many outdoor activities including hiking, biking, mountain and rock climbing, deep sea diving, and skiing. This time we went kayaking.

My friends and I are all old time friends who began our tradition back in college. We were in the same class and we coincidentally discovered that we shared the same interests when it came to outdoor activities. This happened when the whole class was planning for a retreat during out sophomore break. As the class discussed on the best activities to indulge in, I and my four friends were very vocal in suggesting destinations with outdoor activities.

Most of the class members were however more interested in a camping retreat with music and late night dancing. We went along with the idea but decided to have our own hiking trip after the class retreat.

This is how our tradition began. It has now been six years.

Jeff, one of my friends, is the one who this year introduced us to the kayaking idea. He had visited the Broken Group Islands with his fiancée before but he confessed that he had not been able to enjoy the full extent of intense adventure that one could have at the beautiful islands. He had also not been able to fully explore the numerous enchanting natural features that dotted the coast.

We all agreed that the kayaking trip was a brilliant idea.

When we got to the Islands, we were immediately taken aback by the beauty of the rocky outcrops that dotted the sea shore line. Looking down from the airplane we could see the blue calm waters of the sea and the waves gently lapping the rocky shores. We could not wait to get going.

After checking in to the hotel where we would be lodging, and ensuring that all our personal belongings were safe in our rooms, we changed into attire that was suitable for kayaking. Luckily Jeff had instructed us on the suitable attire that we needed and we had all come prepared. After this we had a quick light breakfast at the cafeteria and bought some snacks to carry with us on the kayaking adventure.

We then went off to the kayak shed where we hired some of the best sea touring kayaks according to Jeff and according to the attendant who was very eager to help.

The kayak shed attendant also told us that the season and the timing was very good for fish and he advised that we should try to do some fishing. He told us that price by fishing at that time of year, we could be lucky and catch a huge price. We therefore decided to hire some top quality fishing gear including rods, bait casting reels, sinkers, hooks, and floaters for the trip.

The rest of the four days that we spent in the islands were total bliss. We are thinking of going back to the islands next year and exploring the areas we did not manage to explore.


The evolution of the kayak from the original sit in Inuit kayak to the modern inflatable tandem kayak

The inflatable kayak is a great innovation in the kayaking world that greatly has contributed to the concept of recreational kayaking. Initially, the hard-shell sit on top and sit in kayaks were the only types of kayaks in the industry.

Originally, the first kayak to be made was a sit in kayak that was made using a rigid frame that was covered by skins. This is the kayak that was made by the Inuit people of the arctic region. The Inuk used whale bones or drift wood to make a frame for the kayak and then they used seal skins to cover the frame. The skins were tightly strung on the frame and they were sewn together. Whale fat was used to make the seams water proof.

This original kayak was very light and very easy to maneuver and navigate. It could be used for complex hunting operations while still providing great safety for the pilots. These kayaks could not capsize easily and once capsized the pilot could roll the kayak and regain the upright position without disembarking from the kayak.

The lightness and small size of the kayak was ideal for portability reasons since the Inuk are nomads who often move from one place to another.

The design of the original kayak is very efficient in terms of safety and navigation. However, the materials used to make it were not very durable and resilient to tough and rough conditions. With advancement in technology, and the discovery of more resilient materials, people were able to make more resilient sit in kayaks. Some of the newer tougher sit in kayaks were made of tough plastic, fiberglass, and Kevlar.

Later, the sit on top kayak was introduced. Unlike the sit in kayak, the sit on top kayak has an open deck and the pilot’s entire body is exposed atop the kayak. In the sit on top kayak, the pilot has more freedom of movement. This design of the kayak was especially designed for the recreational user.

With the introduction of sit on top kayaks, more and more people began embracing Skayaking as a recreational activity and this led to the introduction of the inflatable kayak.

The inflatable kayak is basically a tube like bag that is inflated to form a kayak. The materials used to make inflatable kayaks are usually very tough and they can withstand some rough handling and can be quite durable.

Inflatable kayaks are very good for recreational users since they are very easy to handle on water. Even children of 10 years and above can handle inflatable kayaks such as the intex challenger K1 inflatable kayak.

These kayaks are also very ideal for recreational purposes due to their easy portability. When deflated, an inflatable kayak can be folded up and carried easily in a bag. The material used to make the inflatable kayaks is very light.

Inflatable kayaks can also be made into different designs including tandem kayaks. Tandem kayaks, such as the seyvlar Fiji inflatable kayak, can carry more than one passenger sitting in tandem.


Loving outdoor recreation and being introduced to sea kayaking

I love the outdoors. Maybe this is because I was born and brought up out in the open countryside where I grew up admiring the lush rolling hills of my homeland. Moving to the city as an adult and being stuck day in day out in the concrete jungle makes my inner being constantly yearn for the freedom of the peaceful open expanse of the outdoors.

My job as dental assistant has me holed up all day long in the sterile conditions of the dentistry which after some time becomes quite overwhelming. The daily work of tending to the needs of numerous people in the confined space makes my body crave for a change in the environment. I crave for the outdoors.

During my first years in town, I lived a very solitary life since I was new in town and I was not acquainted with anyone in the new town. I am also not very good in making new friends. Many times during the weekends I would decide to engage in outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, or just relaxing in the coastal beaches that are close to the town where I live.

One day while relaxing at the beach enjoying the warm sun rays that graced the beautiful Saturday morning, I got drawn into the conversation of two gentlemen who were also enjoying the sun nearby. They were discussing something about my favorite baseball team and quite naturally I could not resist contributing my two cents in the discussion.

After a heated debate on the tactics of the new coach who had just been appointed to head the team, one could easily say we were long time buddies. One of the men then suggested that we go kayaking for the sea was that morning very calm and very inviting.

I told the guys that I had not kayaked before. They told me that kayaking was the easiest thing to learn and they promised that I would enjoy it. Grudgingly I followed them to the kayak stand where we hired some sea eagle 330 inflatable kayaks. The kayaks were very light and we each carried our kayak and paddle to the water.

I was initially apprehensive of getting into the kayak for I had no previous sailing experience whatsoever. With encouragement from the two new friends, I was however able to gather courage and get into the kayak. True to their words, I was able to quickly learn to kayak. Within a short time, I was navigating my kayak following the other two guys into the open waters.

The experience was breathtaking for me. I was so exhilarated by the experience that I insisted to stay longer in the water. We stayed in the water kayaking for the rest of the day and left only when it was getting dark.

The kayaking experience was such a wonderful discovery for me that I vowed to go back again.

Since then I have become a great kayaking enthusiast and I am now thinking of investing in a cheap kayak that I can be using instead of having to hire one all the time.


An introduction to kayaks and the various types of available kayaks for different activities

A kayak is a water vessel that is unique in its design and its usage. A kayak is a small slender vessel that was originally designed for carrying one passenger. Newer models have subsequently been designed that can carry two or three passengers in tandem.

The original kayak had a design that is quite peculiar as compared to other water vessels. Whereas many vessels have an open hollow where the passengers and cargo go into, the kayak had a covered deck with a small opening (cockpit) into which the pilot sat and controlled the kayak. Cargo in the original kayak was carried in the hollow deck of the vessel.

This sit in design of the original kayak is still in use today. This design is especially good when one wants to venture through rough waters. This is because the closed vessel helps protect the passenger from the water. The passenger is also safely enclosed such that it is not easy to be thrown off the kayak. The sit in kayak usually has a water tight skirt that is worn by the pilot around the waist and is fastened to the kayak to prevent water from getting into the deck.

Modern kayak models have been developed in recent times whereby the pilot can sit on an open top rather than sitting in a covered deck. This design is mostly for recreational users who want to enjoy more freedom moving around and turning to any direction on the kayak. It is also a design that helps the passengers to board and disembark from the kayak fast and easily.

Sit on top kayaks are especially good for tandem kayaks. These are kayaks that can carry more than one passenger with the passengers sitting one in front of the other. They are also good for carrying pets such as dogs – although there are some special sit in kayaks designed for dogs.

There are special kayaks that have been modified for fishing. There are some sit in kayaks used for fishing but most fishing kayaks are sit on top kayaks. Sit on top kayaks are the most convenient for fishing since they have more space that can be used for the fishing equipment and also for storing the catch.

Sit on top kayaks are also good for angling since they allow the angler room and freedom for movement atop the kayak which is quite necessary when fishing. On some sit on top fishing kayak, the angler can even stand while fishing.

In modern times, kayak manufacturers have come up with the inflatable kayak model. This is a kayak that is made up of some bag-like or tube-like structure that can be inflated to form the kayak. The inflatable kayak provides a very affordable option for the recreational user who will only use the kayak occasionally.

Inflatable kayaks are good for recreational purposes because they are very easy to carry around since when they are deflated they can fit in a small manageable bag and they are also quite light.


Kayak fishing and angling as one of the best sport and outdoor recreational activity

Kayak fishing is a recreational and sporting activity that is quite popular. Fishing in itself is a sport that is quite old with many communities around the world taking up the sport. Sport fishing is where the individuals fish competitively among themselves. Many times the objective is to see who can have the most catches – although at times the competition also involves the type of catch and the size of the catch.

Sport fishing may have come from recreational fishing or from the normal fishing where fish was caught for food. Individuals fishing together may have decided to compete against each other and this might have led to communities embracing the activity. Traditional communities have organized fishing competitions for many years.

Angling is a fishing technique that greatly revolutionized the whole idea of fishing. Here was a technique that apart from being simple and quite effective, it was also a very enjoyable activity. Angling is a fishing technique where the fish is caught by means of a device that basically consists of a rod, a line, a hook, and a bait.

The hook is usually tied to the line and the line is fastened to the rod. The angler baits the hook with something that can attract the fish to bite into the hook, usually the fish’s favorite foods. The hook is then thrown into the water and the angler waits for the hook to catch while controlling it by holding the extreme end of the rod. Once a fish bites into the hook, the angler simply pulls out the fish and detaches his catch from the hook.

Angling is a very enjoyable activity due to the suspense, drama and skill that is involved. Many anglers across the world compete against each other while others engage in angling while in solitary or in groups as a recreational activity.

Today anglers use kayaks to venture offshore in search of the fish. Fishing kayaks such as the oldtown predator 13 kayak are well designed with top class customization to make the angler have the best fishing experience. These fishing kayaks are usually customized with convenient storage spaces for captured fish and for the fishing gear. They are also customized with extra features such as braces to hold gear and the rowing paddle.

Anglers can choose between various types of kayaks when going out fishing. The main types of kayaks from which to choose from include the sit on top kayaks or the sit in kayaks. Sit in kayaks are kayaks with a closed or covered deck which is the design of the original kayak. The sit on top kayak is a modern design that allows the angler to sit on an open top.

Sit in kayaks are ideal for venturing through rough waters but they are not very convenient since they do not allow the angler much freedom to move his or her body to any direction atop the kayak. Sit on top fishing kayaks such as the oldtown predator MX are made such that the angler can even stand on the kayak to get a better view while fishing.


Finding the perfect outdoor recreation activity for modern times in kayaking

Venturing into the outdoors for recreational purposes is a great favorite for many people especially in today’s modern day. This is hugely because the modern day ordinary person usually spends most of his time indoors in; school, at work, or at home. With so much time spent indoors, it is naturally for one to want to have a change in environment during their vacation or recreation.

Recreational time is a period where the individual is able to relax from the normal routine hassles of daily life. This includes staying away from work, school, or other activities that are generally tasking. When one consistently engages in activities that require mental or/and physical effort it is natural that the body will yearn for a break.

Working the body without taking regular breaks leads to burnout – if the individual is engaged in mentally engaging activities, or physical fatigue if the work is manual or labor intensive. Fatigue many times makes the individual useless at work and it may lead to long term consequences of unproductivity.

It is therefore important that all people who engage in strenuous activities that they once in a while take a break and rest their bodies. For the most effective recreation, it is important that one engages in recreational activities that the individual will find enjoyable and activities that will effectively take the individual from the usual environment that he or she has been living in.

The outdoors is a great destination for recreational activities because it is a different environment from the indoors which we inhabit most of the time. The outdoors also offers many refreshing activities that one can engage in and effectively get revitalized. One of the most effective recreational activities that many people engage in today is kayaking.

Kayaking is a water activity where the individual takes to different types of water bodies on a special vessel known as the kayak.

The kayak is a slender small water vessel designed for one occupant (although there are some that allow more than one person sitting in tandem). The kayak was initially a vessel used for vital functions such as hunting, fishing and transportation but it has in recent times been adopted as a recreational vessel.

Recreational kayaks are usually designed differently than the traditional kayaks. Most of the recreational kayaks today have an open top design unlike the closed or covered deck design of the original kayak. This design provides the kayaker with a better position to enjoy themselves while kayaking.

Kayaking is a lot of fun since one can be able to fully enjoy the elements of the outdoors such as cool breezes, the quiet of the outdoors – especially in open water bodies, watching wild animals, warm sunshine, and beautiful views.

While kayaking, the individual is also able to engage in numerous fun activities. For example, kayakers can choose to go fishing on kayaks. There are specially designed fishing kayaks that help provide the best experience for the angler despite the experience or skill of the angler.


A closer look at tandem kayaks and sit on top kayaks for beginners

Watching the serene beauty of the calm waters of the sea or ocean while the clouds float past in the company of a loved one or a close friend can be quite memorable. Such moments can be created on a good tandem kayak that can allow two people to explore the sea or ocean together. Here are some of the most common tandems;

Sit on top tandem kayaks are comfortable, stable and easy to use boats that are made with an open shape that has a molded girth that acts as a seat. Unlike sit in kayaks the open tops means the paddlers does not feel confined and this makes sit on top tandems a favorite for beginners who might not feel comfortable while confined in a sit in kayak.

Although it’s not all that easy for water to find its way into sit on top kayaks, they have inbuilt scupper holes that ensure that the water drains itself out of the boat. Due to the open top, it’s easy to embark and disembark from sit on top kayaks and are also easy to get back on course if they happen to capsize.

For those who would love to travel light but still have their kayaks with them even when hiking, tandem inflatable kayaks would serve the purpose. Apart from their ease of use they are also comparatively affordable, easy to store and durable. The PVC material used to manufacture the vessel is known to be resistant to the effects of salt, gasoline and the harmful effects of UV rays.

With their characteristic long hulls that efficiently cut through the water to get to their destination fast, tandem touring kayaks are a favorite of experienced paddlers who love to take long touring trips on various types of water masses. They are made from durable material since touring paddlers are bound to encounter different kinds of conditions and has several storage hatches that can handle a high volume of luggage and also keep the luggage dry.

Although users of tandem touring kayaks are in most cases experienced paddlers, the vessels also come with an inbuilt stern rudder that assist in steering the vessels in case one comes across conditions that are challenging.

Tandem sea kayak are made with strong durable material that can withstand strong sea waves and have cleverly made foot wells that ensure that the paddler does not get tossed out of their seat. To ensure that the paddlers are as comfortable as possible the seats are made deep in the hull of the boat.  There are two main types of tandem sea kayaks; the large and smaller models. While the larger vessels are at their best in rough whitewaters, the smaller ones are appropriate for smooth calm waters.

Tandem fishing kayaks are largely spacious vessels that can carry up to three people and has a big cargo area with a hull that is made to ensure stability and good tracking. They are mostly made from plastic that is both durable and light in weight. A fishing pole holder is an essential addition that is meant to ensure comfort during fishing.


Turning to kayaking challenges for corporate team building

Different companies use different methods to build strong working teams amongst their employees. Most of the corporations now understand that succeeding in business means having a winning team; and the main difference between a winning and a losing team is found in how well they relate and work together.

There are several, different kinds of team building activities available to businesses today. Some of these activities include kayaking, skiing, mountaineering, sport racing and hiking. Among the different team building activities available for corporates and businesses, kayaking is an outdoor activity that is increasingly being adopted for bonding.

Kayaking offers a great way of socializing to both business leaders and their teams. Unlike some other team building activities that may generate resistance among employees, kayaking is a fun and great outdoor activity that is growing in popularity each day.

As one of the most popular outdoor activity of this decade, there’s a good chance that kayaking is something most employees would want to try or have been involved in before. By setting up a group kayaking trip, business owners and heads of corporates can give their employees a great opportunity to socialize while accomplishing a valuable business objective.

A simple kayaking excursion using tandem kayaks can help in accomplishing several team building goals. Tandem kayaks are paddled by two individuals and they are great for both beginners and skilled kayakers. There are different types of tandem kayaks available in the market and they are reasonably priced. Corporates and businesses can also rent tandem kayaks for use during team building sessions.

Inflatable tandem kayaks are considered extremely stable and they are easily portable. Some of these kayaks such as Sea Eagle 370 feature deluxe seats which offer maximum comfort throughout a paddling session. They also have large storage spaces where paddlers can store their personal effects and other paddling gear.

Other inflatable tandem kayaks such as intex explorer K2 can be used for both recreation and assorted adventures. These inflatable kayaks can also offer a great opportunity to teams that would want to try sport fishing. In order to paddle a tandem kayak, proper communication and cooperation between the two paddlers is important. Everyone on a tandem kayak will have to quickly learn how to work as a team whilst accommodating different paddling styles from their partners.

Paddling as group can be challenging. It is common for a large group of tandem kayaks to keep bouncing off one another before the group tries to take shape and start paddling in harmony. However, when people share new and exciting experiences and then learn to work together as a unit to overcome a particular challenge and complete a task, bonds will be formed that can transform a group of individuals into a team.

Kayaking provides an opportunity to overcome various challenges in a fun and enjoyable setting whilst giving teams a great experience and wonderful memories they can share with their co-workers thereby bringing individuals together as a group. Most important of all, kayaking, unlike most of the other team building activities, is something employees will be looking forward to, rather than dreading and resisting.