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When to Use Tekton 5941 Digital Tire Gauge

Maintaining tire pressure is crucial in enhancing vehicle performance and safety. Too little pressure can cause premature damage to tires. Likewise, it forces the engine to work, which can lead to damage. Additionally, underinflated tires can affect car fuel economy.


Meanwhile, overinflated tires can make your ride bumpier. The tires won’t get a good grip on the road, and extremely dangerous during the rainy and winter season. Also, too much pressure can lead to a tire blowout, especially when traveling on hot weather.

In a nutshell, incorrect tire pressure increases your risks to road accidents.

How to Maintain Tire Pressure? 

The easiest way to maintain correct tire pressure is by checking it regularly using a tire pressure gauge. A tire pressure gauge is a basic tool that every car owner should have. Carrying a tire pressure gauge on your toolbox or glove box will save you one day. Moreover, you won’t have to spend money going to a car shop only to check your car’s tire pressure.

What is the Leading Tire Gauge Today? 

One of the well-respected and trusted brands of digital tire gauges nowadays is Tekton. This company specializes in manufacturing high-quality home tools and automotive devices like digital tire gauges.

Among the product lines of Tekton, the best-seller and sought out tire gauge model of this brand is Tekton 5941 digital tire gauge. The tool is quite popular with beginners and new car owners because of its user-friendly features. Moreover, professionals admire this device for its ergonomic design, convenience, and portability. Indeed, the Tekton 5941 is one of the best choices this 2020.

When to Use Tekton 5941? 

Albeit Tekton 5941 has many admirable features, it is not a flawless device. It has features that are only applicable to certain conditions. To learn more about it, below are the conditions when using Tekton 5941 is best.

  • For Vehicles With Different Tire Pressure Units

PSI is the basic unit used in measuring tire pressure. However, some vehicle manufacturers utilize different units. The 5941 by Tekton can measure up to 100 PSI. Moreover, it is applicable for vehicles using the following units: BAR, KPA, and KG/cm (cubed).

  • For Short-Distance Travel

If you frequently go on long-distance road trips, you might want to consider choosing an alternative rather than this product from Tekton. This tire pressure gauge is power-hungry. It requires four batteries to work. Thus, it’ll be a nuisance if the device suddenly runs out of battery power while you are on the road. For such trips, it is best to choose tire pressure gauges with longer battery life.

  • For Private Car Owners 

Owning a Tekton 5941 is handy if you are a private car owner. The device is portable. It is small enough to keep in the car’s glove box. Also, it is lightweight and features an ergonomic design.


Consequently, the Tekton 5941 tire pressure gauge is suitable for the daily travels of private car owners. It is also an ideal choice for beginners and newbies in tire pressure gauges. And since it came from a trustworthy brand, you can assure spending money on this tire pressure gauge is worth it.