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Buyer’s Guide: What Makes a Digital Tire Pressure Gauge the Best?

Having a good tire pressure is often being underrated; in fact, not every car owner understands its significance, until the tire unexpectedly tears off, which leads to an accident while on the road.


How is tire pressure important?

If the tire’s pressure gauge is too low, the friction between the tire and the road increases, resulting in overheating of the tire and premature tear. If the tire pressure is too high, on the other hand, the tire is less likely to have a good roll on the ground; instead, it will bounce on the road. For this reason, several professionals and car enthusiasts would keep a tire pressure gauge with them.

What is a tire pressure gauge?

A tire pressure gauge is an instrument that measures the pressure of the tires. Each vehicle has specific instructions in terms of tire pressure; in most cases, you’ll find the manufacturer’s “optimum” or the recommended tire pressure is between 30 – 35 PSI, while, some cars have 32 – 40 PSI. Again, the right pressure gauge will depend on the manufacturer’s instruction.

There are different types of tire pressure gauge, but the most popular today is the digital tire pressure gauge. If you are planning to invest one today, here are the top features that make a digital tire pressure gauge the best.

#1: Accuracy

Accuracy in tire pressure reading is significant.

As mentioned earlier, if the tire’s gauge is too low or too high, you’ll meet lots of various tire problems that may lead to an accident while on the road. So, when you purchase a tire pressure gauge, make sure that the digital tire pressure gauge you are choosing can provide you accurate readings.

#2: Has Max PSI reading

Each vehicle has a specific tire pressure requirement; if you are to choose tire pressure gauge, pick one that will allow you to go above your vehicle’s requirement. For instance, your vehicle’s PSI requirement is at 40, choose a tire pressure gauge that is at 60 PSI.

#3: Easy-to-read

Another feature of the best digital tire pressure gauge is its display. Are the results easy to read and understandable? Make sure that the digital display will clearly show you the results you want to know. One of the best digital tire pressure gauges today that is accurate and designed with large, easy-to-read LCD is the Accutire – a reliable and durable digital tire pressure gauge that is worth to purchase.

#4: Ergonomically designed

Choose a digital tire pressure gauge that is ergonomically designed – the handle is rubber coated for easy gripping and the head must be readily angled for easy and convenient reading.

#5: Automatic shut-off

This is optional; however, if you are looking for the best digital tire pressure gauge, having one with an automatic shut-off that prevents deflation is a great feature to have on a tire pressure gauge.

Was this helpful?

Tire pressure gauge is very useful; not everyone may know its significance, at least you have the idea and you know you are safe on the road.

If you need additional details on the best digital tire pressure gauge today, try to visit My Automotive Zone’s website today.

Awesome Decorating Ideas for Your Front Porch

Did you know that your front porch can tell a lot about your personality?

Most people seem to neglect this area in their home and just settle with a welcome mat — and that’s it!


But it’s not yet too late to start redesigning your front porch to give it a new feel that would both be appealing to you and to your guests as well. It would even provide you with the best first impression for your home.

Now, here are some tricks that can help you beautifully design your porch:

  1. Paint a new color on your front door

To breathe new life to your front porch, you can try experimenting with your front door’s color. Use hues that are unexpected and unique which can be very effective in making a statement.

Aside from the color, you might also want to consider that your door’s design will compliment your overall architectural style. Also, you’d need to ensure that the paint is not chipping or peeling because that won’t look good, right?

Lastly, check if the hardware like hinges, mail slots, knocker, and knobs are neatly polished.

Did you know that well-maintained and well-coordinated hardware can provide a grand statement without draining your pockets?

  1. More rugs can be useful

Most designers would most likely suggest that you place rugs on your front porch to brighten it up. In fact, it can make a huge difference. Try imagining your porch without one, does it seem complete?

We don’t think so!

Aside from rugs that can complement your porch furniture, they also feel great on your bare feet.

If your porch floor has some scratches or flaws, you can successfully hide them by placing a rug. Very efficient, right?

Make sure that you keep it well-cleaned always so it’d give the impression that your porch is part of your home — and not one of the outdoors.

You might want something that’s made of coconut fiber — it looks good and it can also get rid of dirt on your footwear before you enter your home.

  1. Put up some lights

How can you show off your front porch if it’s too dark?

So why not put up some lights so that people can clearly see your beautifully-designed porch and aesthetically pleasing architectural style.

You might want to get some gas lanterns that you can place on your front door or maybe copper pendant lights that you can hang on your porch ceiling.

You can even use architectural stair lighting if you wish!

The lights can add a certain glow and warmth to your porch.

  1. Add some seats

To make your patio more comfortable, it’s highly recommended that you add some seats.

You can enjoy sitting there while enjoying a cup of coffee and conversing with a family member or visitor.

Looking for the perfect chair to add to your front porch? Check out this best outdoor rocking chair reviews and maybe you can choose one from the list.