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Creating Your Own Comfort

Whether you are someone who would rather stay at home during breaks or someone who finds joy in travelling – majority agrees that vacations should be a break from the hassle and tiring every day routine. Vacations should be about unwinding, thinking about nothing but the happiness; and what better place to spend it in than a place that gives us that feeling of coziness and solitude. Well, the idea of coziness varies from one person to another but wherever one would stay, comfort just always seems to be the priority. The good thing here is, people now have Greg and Kate; the two semi-retired digital nomad friends from Cozy Stream.


Cozy Stream

If there’s some people who know a lot about coziness, Greg and Kate may be two of them. They were only two of the people who got to experience the thrill and excitement of travelling across the world while remotely working. As fun as it has been, Greg and Kate eventually answered the call of being cozy at home, at least for this little while. For them, coziness can be both a lifestyle and a mindset. However, they do agree that the idea of comfort and cozy is subjective that is why they have created where they, along with guest authors, talk about their different takes on this and what its entire concept can feel like.

What Is There To Like About Cozy Stream

Whatever your lifestyle may be, Cozy Stream is such a go-to when it comes to finding coziness in every situation. They share their different opinions, reviews, and tips that you might relate with when it comes to a fun but comfortable daily life.

If you consider yourself a person who is outgoing and always up for creativity and adventure, then you might enjoy how Cozy Stream talks about what is new when it comes to leisure. They talk and share opinions about autos, looks, and shoes that all have one thing in particular – cozy. They may also bring out the creativity in you with their DIY tips and guides!

For those who find happiness in being at home with their loved ones (and pets!) Cozy Stream is still something that can relate to you. They share tips and guides to keep your indoor stay-cation comfortable than ever, keeping your bedroom cozy, your kitchen, living room, and of course your bathroom! They also talk about how to keep yourself and loved ones healthy – from knowing how to keep comfortable during pregnancy to choosing the right products for your babies, and even fur-babies.

If you think that’s all it? Well to amuse you even more, these digital nomads give you glimpse of the places they have been to and loved. You will feel amazed and inspired to visit the considered 7 Wonders of The World and see it for myself. Aside from these wonders, they also shared other beautiful places across the globe and why you should visit them. These places don’t only leave you at awe with their beauty; above all, each place gives you memories and lessons you will always bring along with you.

Cozy Stream made many people realize that the idea of cozy is not about looking for a place where you can be comfortable – it’s about making yourself comfortable wherever you may be. Cozy is anywhere you can be yourself and anywhere that your heart is happy.  For more of this, visit and find your own comfort!

A Helpful Buying Guide in Selecting the Best Heating Pad

Heating pads are a huge help to alleviate backache, neck pain, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, and even arthritis. Also, since heating pads have soothing effects, it is often used by several individuals who can’t get a good night sleep. These heating pads cause vasodilatation or the widening of the blood vessels; it helps improve the blood flow, allowing enough oxygen and nutrients to be transported on the affected area, which in turn reduces the pain.


Heating pads have various benefits, which is why it is often recommended to include heating pad on the first aid kit list. If you think so too, here are some helpful tips in selecting the best heating pad.

Tip #1:  Choosing one between the different types of heating pads

Heating pads come in different types – electric heating pads, moist heating pads, and the infrared heated pads.

  • Electric heating pads – These types of pads are the most common ones; it may come in dry or moist heating options. Fortunately, there are electric heating pads that are designed with both dry and moist heating settings; if you want to see it, here’s a detailed product review on one of the best electric heating pads today at
  • Infrared heating pads – What makes these type of heating pads differ from other heating pads is its source of heat; although infrared heating pads are incorporated with electricity to make it work, it harnesses the energy of FIR (far-infrared radiation), sourced from the sun, to produce heat.
  • Chemical heating pads – If you want disposable types of heating pads, you may choose chemical heating pads. Unlike the electric heating pads, the chemical types have two separate heating options; the moist heating pad can last two hours, while the dry heating pads can provide heat up to 8 hours.

Tip #2: Choose what is convenient

Which heating pad do you think is more convenient to use? Are you able to control it according to the type of heat that you want? It is more advantageous to purchase a heating pad that suits your need accordingly and easy to use.

Tip #3: Choose the right size of the heating pad

There are individuals who are more comfortable to use a bigger sized heating pad than the smaller types. However, if your target is to relieve the pain from your neck that you are often having problems with, smaller types are more convenient; and so is if your target is your back, legs, abdomen, and spine, you shouldn’t think twice and get a bigger size heating pad.

Tip #4: Read reliable reviews

Another best way to find the best heating pad is by reading reliable reviews from a reliable review site – just like The Soothing Effect. The website provides unbiased reviews on different brands of heating pads, as well as, some useful heating pad advice. So, if you are still confused which heating pad is more useful, safe, and efficient, why not try to read some unbiased product reviews.

Tip #5: Choose a heating pad that is safe to use

Always choose a heating pad that is safe to use; or else, you’ll regret buying one. Also, check if the pad is manufactured certified safe to use. Moreover, do not forget to find a heating pad with a generous warranty.

Fixing a Leaky Jack

Travelling. It is something that is exciting and is fun to do. It is also something that might become frustrating and makes your blood boil. Depending on what’s happening, it affects your mood and how you either hate or love travelling. A lot of us travel using our personal transportation. That could be a car, a bike or a scooter. But what’s affected most by the frustrations of the road is those who drive their personal cars.


Cars are convenient. However, there are a lot of factors that can affect that joy of travel. Traffic can be frustrating. Getting stuck in the middle of a round on the way to your destination can drain your energy and will get you impatient. That is something that can be overcome through practice and getting used to it.

Generally, people can travel to different places with no worries. However, some unexpected events can happen. One of the most common events that can happen is getting a flat tire. When this happens, a car is usually prepared to deal with that. It is equipped with spare tires, car jacks and tools. But, this situation can also happen at home. There have been times that you look at your car and found out that your car tire is flat. Then, you try to fix it by using your floor jack to pump up your car. Yet, you see that your floor jack is being leaky, meaning that it doesn’t maintain the height that you want when trying to jack up your car. Then you will have a problem. You can fix your car when the jack is not up. You will need to fix the floor jack.

I read from Auto aid outlet, a website about floor jack reviews and advice on how to deal with a leaky jack. They discussed on what you need to look for when you get a leaky jack, and the ways to deal with it.

Summary of the Solution

They pointed out four places that you need to check for when trying to fix your leaky jack. You need to check the Ram/ Piston rod, the compression ram, the pressure – release valve, and the fill-cap/ reservoir. This is because these are the most possible place that the defect can be found.

You should also check if it has enough hydraulic fluid to pump up the jack. Without enough liquid, the jack won’t be able to push the car up. This can be found at the reservoir.

Air should also be slowly released from the jack. Having too much air will make it difficult to pump and will not lift the jack.

The piston/Ram could also be broken and needs to be fixed. If this is broken, then even if there is enough liquid, there will be no lift.

If you want to learn the specifics, feel free to visit the website and learn more for yourself the ways to fix a leaky floor jack. They also have more reviews for good floor jacks if your floor jack is irreparable.

Can A Blender Be Used As a Food Processor?

Many people are confused between blenders and food processors because they are the same kitchen appliance that is perfect for preparing fruits and vegetable meals. From the chopping, grinding, pulverizing, mixing up to kneading, these kitchen appliances can surely make all kinds of healthy smoothies, juices, and desserts. Since it is considered as the best partner in the kitchen, food processors and blenders are now became popular and a must-have kitchen appliance in your home.

Today, there are many high quality and advanced features blenders and food processors that you can buy in the market. Every month and year, there are different models of food processors and blenders that are being introduced in the market. Thus, many people have no idea what really their best choice in buying these kitchen appliances. As they become advanced in features, modern and lower profile unit designs, and mostly their functions and applications; the users should be aware of their specific usage for their specific needs. In this article, you will see if you can use a blender instead of a food processor. First, I will explain here the differences of the blender and food processor. At the end of the article, you will find out an example of a blender if it could be used as a food processor.

What is a food processor?  Compared to blenders, food processors have a wide base bowl and does not consist of a fixed blade. It does include interchangeable blades and discs and does not need to add plenty of water in processing fruits and veggies. In a small amount of liquid, you can work and process your fruit recipes without worries. It can also make multiple functions and that depends on the positioning of the blade, discs, and other attachments. It can be used as a grinder, chopper, and cutter of fruits and vegetables. It can be also used to shred veggies, grate cheese, mixing and kneading the dough, and even create smoothies and purees like blenders do. Usually, food processors have feeder chute that makes you add fruits and vegetables in a safe manner while it is working, as well as the pusher that allows you to push your recipes to the feeder chute.

What is a Blender? A blender has different designs compared to the food processor. If you will look for both of them, you can easily determine the difference. Blenders are consists of a jug-like container, unlike the food processor that has a wide base short container. While the food processor requires little liquid, the blender needs more liquid to process fruits and vegetables. Blender is also called as liquidizer because you will need to add liquid first before processing it and then it pulls down the fruits and veggies towards the blade. Blenders have a fixed blade that you can find at the very bottom of the container and you cannot replace this unlike food processors do. You can create smoothies, purees, and other juice drinks through a blender and compare to food processors, it is less expensive depends on the brand and model.

Can a blender be used as a food processor? The answer is not 100% yes. One of the best examples of multi-functional blender is the Ninja blenders. For all the blender applications, ninja blender is a must-have kitchen appliance in your home because it can handle multiple applications. But, if in terms of food processor applications, Ninja blender can only handle some of the applications of a food processor but not all of them. Specifically, if you want for a specific food processing applications, then this blender is not highly recommended.

Tips on How to Maintain Lighter and Healthier Skin Naturally

All women desire a smooth, fair, and youthful skin. Unfortunately, not all ladies are gifted with light and fair skin. According to studies, a huge percentage of women around the globe have black to dark brown skin.


A black or brown skin is a result of melanin accumulation called hyperpigmentation. It is a condition intensified by genetics and ethnic origin of the person. For example, African women and those with South East Asian and Hispanic descent as well commonly have dark brown skin. And, most of these women have an uneven skin tone.

Is there a way to lighten the dark spots on your skin?

Yes, there is!

Dermatologists and other skin care experts recommend a wide variety of procedures that are guaranteed safe and effective in skin lightening, whitening, and brightening. The most popular options out there are using skin products with kojic acid, taking in glutathione, Vitamin C, using hydroquinone cream, retinol creams and serums, and laser treatments. But for those with a bigger budget, routine chemical peels and microdermabrasion is a good choice.

Each of the procedures mentioned above has its benefits and downsides. You need to educate yourself about each of these skin tone enhancement methods before deciding to pick one. Consult a doctor regarding your plans of taking one of these procedures, especially if you have an underlying medical condition and takes in maintenance meds.

Also, ask help from reliable sources like the Savvy Beauty Snob right here:

After the procedure, you have to maintain your new skin tone. There are several ways to preserve your smoother, brighter, and whiter skin. Here are the top natural methods on how to maintain an even and radiant skin tone.

#1 Lemon

Lemon is a popular remedy and solution in improving skin color. It contains citric acid that is a powerful bleaching agent. Using lemon juice solution exfoliates the top layer of the skin. Moreover, it is rich in antioxidants that are good for maintaining fair skin complexion.

#2 Honey

Honey is a well-known natural moisturizer. It hydrates dry skin and prevents infection since it contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Likewise, honey is an effective bleaching agent.

So, if you have acne scars, age spots, uneven skin tone, all you have to do is apply pure honey on the affected area, leave it for a few minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water.

#3 Oranges

You already know that taking Vitamin C is an effective skin lightening method. Then, why not boost your intake of Vitamin C by eating oranges?

Studies show that regular consumption of fresh orange juice enhances skin tone and texture. You can also prepare an orange juice solution with a pinch of turmeric powder to lighten dark spots.

#4 Yogurt

Yogurt contains lactic acid which is a natural and effective skin lightening agent. It can also bring back moisture and hydrate dry skin. If you are searching for an effective dark spot and blemish solution, applying yogurt can help you achieve the skin you desire.

Do you need more tips and advice on how to keep a youthful and whiter skin?

Check out the Savvy Beauty Snob through their official website for additional info.