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Honest Review on the Vitamix 7500 in Prime Shop Kitchen

When purchasing a product, one must look for a trusted brand and model. To do this, a person should take into consideration that some companies tend to overpromise and make things more attracted so that potential customers will likely choose their product above others. Although this statement is not applicable to other companies and one should not generalize just because one or two manufacturers do this, a person must be cautious. And to do this, you should do your research. It does not mean that you should visit one store to the other just to hand pick which one is good and not; reading honest reviews about the product will suffice. You can also look or the product ratings online and you can also go through customer reviews.


In Prime Shop Kitchen, they offer valuable information in regards to high quality products. In this site, you can read through a thorough review on a highly recommended professional grade blender. And one of the most famous and sought our blenders in the market is the Vitamix 7500 series. You can read more details about this blender in this post:

The Vitamix 7500 series is considered to be a professional grade blender as it is equipped with a more advanced and modern technology. Together with an elegant and sturdy design, the blender is equipped with the most latest 2.2 horsepower Vitamix blender motor. With this extensive power, it makes blending much more easier and you can finish your blend in a much quicker pace. Alongside all the necessary functions an ordinary blender should have, the Vitamix 7500 series has its own additional features that will surely improve your kitchen and blending experience.

Here are some of the things you should also know about this product.

You can use various techniques is using the Vitamix 7500 professional grade blender such as the following:

  • Make hot soup without the use of fire or any stove.  Due to the friction of its lasercut stainless steel cutting blade will make your soup to a serving temperature; making it warm and ready to serve.
  • The same with hot produce, you can also serve ice cold recipe. Just by adding frozen goods and blending them together, you can serve ice cream or any other cod beverage in just seconds.
  • The advanced features of the Vitamix 7500 series is capable enough to grind nuts, beans, or any hard product that you wish to blend.
  • In terms of mixing, some blenders malfunction if you’re mixing semihard or doughy mixture. With Vitamix 7500 series, this is also made possible. It quickly mix batter for pizza dough, bread, muffins, and many other.

For some blender owner, the common dilemma is if the blender is easy to clean or not. With Vitamix blender, you will have no problem in terms of cleaning. With just a small drop of dishwashing soap and a small amount of water, all you have to do is turn it on. With Vitamix, your blending experience will be at ease and will be quicker than any other blender.

How to Refresh Your Look

Do you feel that you left yourself last lately because you were caught in raising the children, doing your best at work and always being there for others? Well, it is about time to offer some time to yourself because you deserve it. For example, you can do some simple things to refresh your look. After all, summer is here and there is no better time of the year for a refresh than the warm, sunny days that these months bring. This will be great for your self esteem and we can assure you that your overall mood will be improved thanks to it. You don’t even have to invest big amounts of money in order to obtain a complete makeover. Follow the tips below and you will see that the results can be amazing.

1. One of the first things that you can do to refresh your look is to get new things for your wardrobe. Sell the items that you don’t wear anymore and use the money for new things and for a shopping spree with a stylist. It really doesn’t cost a lot to take a stylist with you shopping and the results can be amazing. A stylist will help you create a personal style and choose items which compliment your body shape and your features. We really think that this is something that you should do.

2. A new hairdo and even a new hair color. What better way to refresh your look than to get a new hairdo? A hairstylist can help you choose something completely different from what you have right now and you should also consider a new color. There are colors which perfectly go with summer so let yourself guided by a professional and we know for sure that you will not regret it.

3. A makeup lesson. The fastest way to refresh your look is to wear some makeup for every occasion, even at work. If you are not very skilled at it then you should join a lesson. There are plenty of makeup experts who hold lessons for normal people like you who only want to learn some tips and tricks for everyday life. A makeup lesson is money well spent, so don’t hesitate to begin searching for a professional who is hosting such classes in your area.

4. A facial will rejuvenate your skin. If you feel that the signs of how tired you are and feel are getting more and more obvious, then it is wise to rejuvenate your skin with a facial. It doesn’t cost too much, there surely are plenty of excellent salons in your area offering services like this and it will also help you relax. A facial truly is an excellent way through which you can obtain a refreshed look.

As you can see, you don’t have to get too complicated in order to obtain a refreshed look. You just need some time for yourself and the desire to get something changed in your everyday life.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You?

So, you’ve got your sights on a beautiful girl at a bar. But the problem is this; you can’t read her actions making it difficult to tell what she’s thinking, or whether she’s interested in you.


Traditionally, men are expected to make the first move, such as saying hello or starting a friendly conversation. But in reality, it is the woman who initiates the contact by throwing subtle hints. Hence, it is the opposite sex who decides to accept or reject romantic advances.

It is important to understand the dynamics of flirting and initiating contact with women. Do not strike a conversation with a lady and make advances without checking if she’s interested in you or not. People who are ignorant about this norm tend to appear as awkward, weirdo, and a creep. Well, you don’t want the lady you desire to see you as one.

A girl shows hints telling that she’s attracted and interested in you. Here is a list of body languages and actions that will help you determine if the girl gives you permission to chase her.

#1 She Keeps Glancing on Your Way

One sign you need to watch out for is if the girl sits at your proximity. Changing her seat near you does not entirely mean you have to strike. It could be that she’s more comfortable in that seat. You have to check for more signs based on her actions.

Now, if she keeps on throwing glances at your way, it means ‘come here and sit next to me’.  Also, a posture change is another hint to watch out. If she stands taller, pulls her shoulders back, sucks her stomach in, arranges her hair, or smoothens her dress, then that is the time you have to stand up and strike a conversation.

#2 She Laughs and Enjoys Talking to You

Start a friendly conversation with the lady. Most men use this opportunity to impress the woman. As a result, they dominate the conversation, which is a big mistake.

There is nothing wrong in impressing a woman through your stories. But remember, dominating the conversation will make her feel inferior. No woman wants to feel intimidated and small. Treat her equally by letting her tell her story. With this, she would feel more comfortable.

If you see that she’s laughing at your jokes and having a fun time talking with you, then, you are on the right track.

#3 She Turns Her Body in your Direction

Another strong sign that she’s interested in you is the direction wherein her body is pointing. If her body is inclines towards you or moves closer in your direction, it is an indication that she’s very much interested.

#4 She Hints that she’s Single

If a woman says she’s single, take it as a good sign. Also, compliments from her are a strong indicator that she likes you. Once the two of you gets friendly, you can ask her number and offer yours as well.

Additional Tips

There’s more you need to know on how to color your dating life. You can find out here at the most reliable dating guru, the Date and Simple.

Check out the Date and Simple for more tips about dating and building relationships.

How to Choose Barber Clippers

Who says that you need to spend a lot of money at a barber shop on a monthly basis in order to look good? If you have some skills and the right tools, you can obtain the same result yourself, at home. If you already know that you have some skill for manual tasks such as this, then all that is left for you to do is to find the right barber clippers. It is known that the best barber clippers can easily be bought for home use, so please check out the guide below in order to find out how this is possible. Follow a few easy steps and I know that you will spend your money on a tool which will prove to be very useful and highly efficient.

So, a top quality hair clipper should have the following:

  • A powerful motor. If the motor is of a poor quality, then your skills will fade away. A powerful motor will allow you to cut even through very thick hair; at the same time, they should be quiet. Also, if you opt for a cordless model, then it should provide enough run time so you can easily get through long grooming sessions.
  • Length options. Some barber clippers only have a couple of length options; it is obvious that these are not professional barber clippers. The professional ones have adjustable blades so they can fit any length requirement.
  • Durable guide combs. Yes, most guide combs are made of plastic but some are more durable than others. Reading some reviews will help you find out which barber clippers come with guide combs that are durable; take some time to check out a few reviews because these will prove to be very useful. It is important to opt for a durable guide comb because the fragile ones which vibrate loudly are a weak point.
  • Easy to use and easy to switch out accessories. Every professional barber clipper should come with accessories which can be used for different length options or for trimming in difficult areas. These should be easy to switch so you don’t have to struggle when you need a different one.
  • Sharp blades. As we mentioned above, the motor is very important but so are the blades. If you want to obtain a nice cut, then you need to use a barber clipper which has sharp blades. The professional clippers should have self-sharpening blades, so check out this feature before you spend your money on one.
  • A storage system. Since you are going for a professional barber clipper, then this tool comes with lots of accessories. Sometimes it can be really hard to keep track of all the pieces, so a storage system will prove to be very useful.
  • Safety features. Yes, cuts can appear if you use a barber clipper which has no safety features. For example, the top quality, highly safe clippers have rounded blades; thanks to their design, these blades cut hair but they never cut the skin.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner: Yes or Nay?

When you have a pool, keeping it clean and sanitary at all times is necessary. Of course, you would not want either one of your kids or family members catching a disease all due to submerging in a dirty pool. Then, how can maintain your pool’s cleanliness?


You can turn your pool into a refreshing haven minus the health hazards through regular cleaning by using Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner.

What is Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner?

As its name suggests, it is an equipment used for removing dirt on the pool. It is equipped with a powerful vacuum that sucks in all kinds of debris present on your pool. Using this cleaning tool is quite convenient and handy rather than picking out dirt on the pool manually.

The Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the newest and more advanced versions of this cleaning equipment by Maytronics.

The Maytronics one of the leading manufacturers of pool cleaners in the market.

Since the release of Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner in store, it received fantastic feedback from customers all due to its awesome features.  And, what are these facets? Find it out below.

What are Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner’s Top Features?

#1 Powerful Motors

First thing you need to check when searching for a pool cleaner to buy is the item’s power. This aspect has a direct impact on how the equipment can perform and function. Of course, you’ll never want to spend money on a pool cleaner that is unable to do its job well enough.

The Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner is guaranteed powerful and efficient equipment. It features 24-volt motors which are lesser compared to a standard AC booster pump. Though this tool is powerful, it is 100% energy efficient. It can clean even larger pools fast without costing you much money.

#2 Works Independently

When talking about convenience, the Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner is always on top of the list. This equipment can work on fully autonomous mode. So, if you’ve got other things to work on, you are free to do so since this cleaning tool can do its job without supervision.

#3 Advanced Technology

Customers applaud this equipment mainly because of its cutting edge solutions in effectively cleaning a pool.

This item by Maytronics is equipped with SmartNav technology. It is a system that assures every part of the pool is clean. It scans the entire pool and calculates the best way to clean it using a powerful microprocessor.

You can read more about this Dolphin robotic pool cleaner feature right here, .

Aside from the above technology, this item also has a multi-media system that allows you to choose between a filtration system and a cleaning bag. Moreover, it assures that your pool is clean from any type of dirt.

What is the Verdict?

No doubt the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner is a good investment. The above features of this tool, including its wonderful technology, are enough reason to say yes. But if you need more details regarding this equipment, you can read additional reviews here at Pooltronixs.

A Special Gift For Your Loved Ones

Finding a gift for someone special in your life isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time and effort just to pick the perfect gift that will make them happy. Most of the time we want something unique and something out of the box and nothing’s more special than personalized gifts. Not only are they one of a kind but they are thoughtfully made for the person that will receive them.


Thankfully Personalized by Kate offers a variety of different products that you can give to your loved ones.

All about Personalized by Kate

Personalized by Kate is a company that aims to provide you with the highest quality personalized gifts that you will treasure for a lifetime.

The process is quite simple actually; you go into their website and find an item that you like. You can then choose the style whether you want the design to be engraved, monogrammed or custom made. Once that’s decided you can then start personalizing the design to your preference, and once you’re done it will show you the output and you’re all set!

Here are some features that set them apart from the others;

No. 1 Free gift wrapping service

The great part about ordering from them is that they can handle the gift wrapping and boxing for you! Not only that but as well as deliver the gift directly to the person you want to send it to. To make it even more special, you can also write a gift note so they will know where the gift is from and what it’s for. It not only saves you the time but as well as the hassle to buy the materials and make it yourself.

No. 2 Budget friendly

Looking for a gift but scared to break your bankroll? Most of their products and services are budget friendly so don’t fret over having to spend too much. Perfect for the young ones who want to give their parents a special treat but are worried about the expenses. Remember a little goes a long way is what they say.

No. 3 A wide variety to choose from

There’s always a reason for giving and for that they offer plenty of products for all sorts of occasions! Whether it’s for Christmas, for someone’s birthday, Mother’s day, and etc. they have different products all sorted out in categories so you won’t have to search long and hard just for the right one.

No. 4 User friendly

Just as I mentioned before everything is sorted out in different categories so you can search the perfect gift easily. Whether it is by occasion, by recipient, or by product, their website is all organized for the benefit of the user and for less hassle.

And lastly what also sets Personalized by Kate apart from others is the craft and thoughtfulness that goes into making these products. It is not simply just selling and providing you with these products but by touching the hearts of the people who will receive them.

So does it have my approval? Of course!

The next time you decide to buy a gift for someone, why not give them a shot.

Visit their website or contact them at 1-888-816-9656 or for more details.