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Control the Crawl Space Environment

It is not unusual for numerous homeowners to ignore the crawl space of their houses. They simply don’t have enough information on how much the crawl space can influence the whole living space so this is the main reason why they ignore it. If you recognize yourself in the group of homeowners who don’t pay too much attention to the crawl space, we strongly advise you to have a closer look at it. You cannot imagine how dangerous it can be if you don’t try to control the environment in the basement.

Out of all the serious problems that require attention when it comes to the crawl space, you should offer priority to humidity levels. High humidity levels in the lower part of the house will affect the entire structure, as well as your health. Dust mites, mold spores and other dangerous things enjoy an environment with increased humidity and all this air will eventually get in your living room. This will cause skin irritations, eye irritations, watery eyes, running nose and respiratory problems, so your health can be seriously affected by it. In addition to this, the mold spores will find places in the house to stick and develop, causing bad smells, a sticky, unpleasant air in the house and other, more serious health risks. Moving further, a high humidity level in the crawl space will cause condensation, which will cause the wood to rot, thus affecting the entire structure of the house. Last but not least, an environment with high humidity levels is one that attracts pests of all types, so you might experience pest infestation problems because of it.

If all this scares you and you want to do something about it quick, then please have a good hard look at crawl space dehumidifiers. The experts at Air Professor are more than happy to help and guide you, so check out their official website. They have a list of top picks, air dehumidifiers especially designed for the crawl space which proved to be efficient and to deserve the very last penny. The reviews shared by the experts at Air Professor are very detailed, so you will find out more about the main features of these products, as well as their pros and cons. For example, the AlorAir Basement/ Crawl Space Dehumidifier is a great choice which can help with spaces as large as 1300 sq. ft., so it will prove to be a great addition for those who have a basement which continues with the crawl space. Another recommendation coming from the experts at Air Professor is the Ebac 1139550 Compact Heavy Duty Dehumidifier. This is a good choice for those who need a dehumidifier to work even in very low temperatures.

Regardless of what your choice is, if you follow the recommendations coming from the experts at Air Professor, then you can be sure of a very wise investment. Just begin using the air dehumidifier as fast as possible as your house needs the helping hand. Make your choice now!

The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Perfect Foosball Table

The foosball game commonly known as table football, baby foot, bar football or table soccer is a fun game if you play it fast. This game is very easy to learn for many people that are interested in it. These days it is common to find a foosball set in college dorm rooms, home game rooms, bars and even at some workplaces. There are many brands of foosball tables available in the market and you can get foosball accessories if you shop around. With a little practice, you will soon become a pro at this great game.


Basically, you are supposed to use the foosball rod to make the players hit the ball to the side of your opponent. You become a winner after you have scored a goal against your opponent. The foosball game is a competitive sport that is recognized by the world cup organizers. It has a set of rules on how it is supposed to be played. These rules are usually regulated by the International Table Soccer Federation. You can learn more about them here.

There are some simple basics that you should know whether you are playing this game professionally or for recreational reasons. First of all, the game is played on a foosball table that has 8 rows of foosball players commonly known as foosmen. You only have control of 4 rows of the foosmen. There are two rows that are for defense and other two are for attacking. The foosmen are usually fixed on to plastic, wooden or carbon fiber mounted on a metal bar.

The most common size of foosball table is 1.2 meters long and 0.6 meters wide. You should always be keen because there are some opponents that can play at speeds that are as high as 35 mph. The game begins by serving the ball through a hole that is on one side of the foosball table. You can also place the ball with your hand at the middle of the foosball table. The most common way that people use to determine who will execute the first kick is by flipping a coin.

This game is played by kicking the foosball around the table using the foosmen. You will be able to get a high number of points only if you score many goals against your opponent. Make sure that your opponent does not score against. Six to eleven goals against your opponent will make you the obvious champion.

There are always two options when it comes to the number of opponents. There is a 2 versus 2 game and 1 versus 1 opponent game. The type of foosball table will guide you in choosing the number of opponents that will play in a single game. If you are playing a 2 versus 2 foosball game one partner should control the defensive rows while the other controls the two attack rows.

 It is important to note that spinning is not allowed when playing this game. You are only allowed to flick the ball or snap it with your wrist. If you opponent scores while spinning you are supposed to take the foosball and serve it.

How to Replace an Underseat Subwoofer

You might decide to upgrade your underseat subwoofer so that you can enjoy the seamless quality that comes with the new brand. This is advisable if you cherish your bass sound in your songs and would wish to have a relaxing time as the music plays in your car that is free from distortions.


For starters, the subwoofer that you wish to install in your car should be of the right size that your car can offer. Make sure that get a convenient position to place the Best underseat subwoofer that you bought.

When you are getting ready to replace your underseat subwoofer, make sure that the battery is disconnected. The first step is running the amp power wire from the power source which is the car battery to the cabin of the car. This can be done by taking off the dash and passing the wire through from the battery.

You will need an amplifier wiring kit for the connection. This will work for the power wire, ground wire and also for the remote turn on wire. It might come with a fuse but most subwoofers have inbuilt fuses. The next step is a series of connection through the walls of the spaces within the car until where the underseat subwoofer is.

The next step that follows is running the turn-on wire and signal cables. They should be first connected to your stereo which is placed on the dashboard of your car. Thereafter, connect the ground wire to the car’s chassis.

The last step in the installation is mounting your underseat subwoofer beneath the seats as you would wish. You can make use of gentle curves on your wires and cables so that they do not get worn out easily.

After all this, you have to run a test on your connected underseat subwoofer to see if you got the connections right. So reconnect your power source, which is your car battery. It is also recommended that before you light it up, the inbuilt gains of the amplifier should be turned all the way down.

If the subwoofer turns on then you have got the installation part right. You can then play bass music on your stereo and examine the quality that you get from the underseat subwoofer that you have just replaced.

If you get stuck or that the bass being produced is not of quality, it is advisable that you seek the consultation of an expert. This may mean that the connection is not well done and rarely will it be that the underseat subwoofer is a low-quality one. You may just have got one or two connections wrong.

Wrapping up, normally subwoofers are for the bass sounds that ordinary car speakers are unable to produce due to their size. When you decide to get a subwoofer, you should choose an appropriate one for the space that the car interior is willing to spare. If you get one that is too spacy, you will be inconvenienced.