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Awesome Facts You Should Know about Paddleboards

Paddle boarding is a wonderful outdoor you can enjoy for your vacation to the beaches all over the world. All you need is to bring along your paddleboard or a surfboard with you.


Paddle boarding has its traces from many years ago, even though it is mainly popular in the beaches of Hawaii which is a great vacation idea. The activity is performed by the person propelling themselves on a paddleboard. They can either propel themselves using a pole or use their arms.

There are quite a number of other activities you can integrate with paddle boarding. These include surfing, yoga or exercising, racing, touring the waters and even diving. Basically, the idea is to try anything while on the paddleboards while enjoying the environment of the waters. You can even use your paddleboard to surf when you want to enjoy heavier waves.

Similarly, while on a paddleboard you can have a good time with your friends, family or even a pet dog. You can even have a romantic date in the middle of the ocean or even pass time on a hammock. The idea is just being creative and having a good time.

Paddle boarding, even though a fun summer activity, is referred to as a lazy way of surfing. This is because, unlike surfboards, paddleboards have a relatively higher volume to provide adequate buoyancy. This makes the person using them to be able to have a comfortable time on one, unlike a surfboard. On a paddleboard, the paddler can stand or even sit for longer periods as compared to a surfboard.

Paddlers can either stand up or remain on their knees on a paddleboard, depending on their preferences. However, to be on the safe side you should only stand up when you have picked up enough speed to be stable on the water.

Another awesome fact you might not know about paddle boarding is that it is a great way to work out to maintain your fitness. This is because while on a paddleboard you exercise by combining balance, strength, and endurance while trying so hard not to fall off the paddleboard. It offers the body with a full workout solution that is both relaxing and fun. You can even enjoy a relaxing yoga session while on your paddleboard.

Paddle boarding has become so popular so much that there are plans to include it among the sports in Olympics. This is because currently there are discussions and plans to have it included in Olympic games, you might even see paddle boarding activities like racing in the Olympics before 2024.

The trick to having a great time when paddle boarding is choosing a good stand up paddle board as a woman or a man. Even though there is a slight difference, there is an edge between the two different types of paddleboards. There are paddle boards of different sizes and different weights so you will have to choose one that is suitable for you to have a great time.

All What You Need To Know About Car Camping

Sometimes you can feel like getting away from the world to go to a secluded place away from the naggings and disturbance of the world. It can be a good and refreshing time to relax, refresh, meditate, and be rejuvenated. There is peace and calmness there, unlike in the corporate world where noise everywhere. You just need a car and other necessities that you will use when you are out there in the wild. You will learn some tips for camping in your car in this article.

Vital things that you need to know about car camping

There are cars that are purposely designed and manufactured for camping only – called camper vans. However, if you don’t have one, or if you can’t hire it, your own car can still do. As long as it is not the vulnerable kind of cars like Ferrari that cannot go to rough terrain, it can be fit for camping. However, other than the camper vans, you shall see some other car brands that are more suitable for camping.

In cities, it is not allowed to sleep in your car anywhere. Nevertheless, there are special places that are designated for rests: called rest stops, and you can sleep there for about eight hours. There are also private campgrounds where you can go for camping but they are expensive. Camping sites include:-

  • USFS/BLM land – these places do not have many restrictions, and you can just look for a spot by the roads and camp there.
  • USFS/BLM Campground – these are not the best and they are not so preferable, juxtaposed with other locations. However, they are fit for doing any outdoor activities.
  • State Campground/ National Parks/Monuments – these places are usually congested during the peak season and they have their own challenges.

Car brands fit for camping

Like earlier said, there are some car brands that are fit for camping than others. They include the following:-

  • Sedan, Minivan, Station Wagon, SUV – these cars have laid down seats and all what you will need is a blanket or duvet to keep you warm at night.
  • Camper Vans- these are ideal camping cars because that is exactly what they are designed and manufactured for. They have basic camping gear like storage, lights, and they are spacious to accommodate beds and all what you need.
  • Car Campers – these cars have a spacious storage beneath their double beds. They are also installed with other camping equipment that you need.
  • Camping Trailers – the trailers are towed by your car and they are of diverse ranges, kinds, and designs. You can go for whichever one that pleases you.

There are also other car brands that you can use but they cannot be all covered here. Before you decide to go for camping, you should also consider your security, safety, weather conditions, cost, and laws/rules/regulations of where you are going to camp. Camping is greatly enhanced and facilitated by your car because it becomes your temporary shelter.

Beginner’s Guide To Sewing

As a beginner, you are desperate to get to the more complicated crafts of sewing. However, sewing is an art that requires slow and careful mastering to get to perfection. The first step is to get the right tools, which include a quality sewing machine, and for instance, you can learn how to sew a chicken egg collecting apron here.


A good machine is important as it will guide you to make sewing patterns quite easily, you will also learn from this how to make complicated sewing. A quality machine can be spotted by checking out its design and its parts like the needle and even the motor.

Sewing a chicken egg collecting apron

There are a variety of sewing machines; mechanical, embroidery, electric, computerized and many more. Your choice depends on your experience with any one of these. The chicken egg apron is a design that you can make while in the comfort of your home.

Sewing the chicken egg collecting apron is a great way to learn basic sewing techniques as well as the complicated ones. It is also simple than most tasks that as a tailor you will be called upon to accomplish. On the other hand, it may turn out to be fun and enjoyable especially for you as a beginner!

For starters, you need, apart from your sewing machine, enough fabric, a coordinating thread, sewing scissors and straight pins. Secondly, you do the basic step of taking measurements of the waist, hips and even the chest.

Using the scissors, you should cut off the portion to be used for the pockets and the straps that run over the shoulder to the back. The pockets can be designed so that there is a pouch for each egg to fit perfectly well. Obviously, the pockets have to be egg-shaped so that the piece actually looks its part.

After cutting out the portions the next step is sewing around the edges before joining them to the main part of the apron. Once you are done with dealing with the parts separately, you now have to attach them to complete your egg collecting apron. The straight pins now come into play to ensure that the pockets do not wiggle off the fabric.

The next step is sewing the pockets on the main piece of fabric while avoiding sewing the top part where the egg enters the pocket. Just like any sewing, you have to concentrate to create a piece that you will be proud of in the end.

You can go an extra and embroider more attractive patterns on the chicken egg collecting apron you have sewn. However, whatever you do, do not compromise the measurements you had taken otherwise you will have an apron that you cannot wear.

You get to learn how to sew a chicken egg collecting apron here from almost any type of fabric. This is as the steps above can be followed even if you had decided to use a pillowcase in your piece. As a beginner, you can also practice a variety of sew