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How to Pull Off a Rick Sanchez Cosplay

5Wearing costumes is no longer exclusive to Halloween, apparently. There are a growing number of conventions around the globe where hobbyists and fans of certain pop culture icons don a costume of their favorite personalities. Some are harder to execute than others. Yet even those that are deemed to be simple to do can be pretty challenging. Cosplayers understand pretty well that it’s not just about the garment but also the personality.

One character that’s no doubt followed by many fans is Rick Sanchez of ‘Rick and Morty’. Rick is quite a challenge to portray, as his character is on the eccentric side. Acting the part of the nerd is hard enough; acting like a drunk quantum theory geek is on another level entirely. Here are some pointers on how to pull off a convincing Rick Sanchez cosplay.

  1. Watch the show a lot.

What better way to internalize a fictional character’s personality than watching the show they’re in? The small quirks of their character are keys to set one apart from other mediocre cosplay attempts. Rick Sanchez, most notably. Fortunately, watching the show isn’t a tall order at all. It’s a fun show to watch even for people who aren’t really fans of astrophysics and dissertations of molecular behaviors. But then again, any person who would want to cosplay Rick is sure to be a nerd at heart.

  1. Act the part.

After internalizing the character, an individual who wants to be Rick Sanchez should take note of what Rick would do in certain situations. And, well, act the part. Call it method acting, but if that’s what it takes to wow people (and outdo anyone who’s wearing the same getup in a comicon), it’s worth the effort.

  1. Get a good costume.

Personality aside, without a good costume, people will wonder if you’re trying to be a drunk Sheldon Cooper or a wacky Jimmy Neutron. But finding each part of the costume can be quite a challenge, especially if one had to scour more than one online store. Making the costume is an option, but a time-consuming and impractical one. It’s only a good idea of one intends to make costumes for a living. One of the best ways to get access to an entire Rick Sanchez costume without much hassle is by looking for blogs that have a collection of links to different parts of costumes. And with Rick being quite a popular character, there’s bound to be a list made for him.

  1. Learn quantum physics and obscure sciences.

Being in the know in the realm of science is a great asset. Quantum physics is an interesting field as there’s still a lot to learn and explore. But, admittedly, this is taking it a bit far, though it’s a plus to be able to babble about nerdy things like the possibility of us living in a simulation, complete with the studies that back the hypothesis. Other people who are trying to corner you for being undeserving of the Rick costume will be surprised.

Ultimate Home Centre


Time these days is almost a luxury. People are born all having 24 hours a day. However, for some, this number is not enough to complete their daily tasks or achieve everything they want. People want something fast and convenient. They don’t want to waste their precious time over things not worth their attention. People use their time to do a lot of things. They go to school, they work for a living, they clean their house for a clean environment, they do a lot of chores, and many more. With so many things to do, sometimes, people forget to relax. They lack the time for enjoyment and travel. They can’t afford some of their time to spend on something entertaining. This is a very dangerous and sad life to live.


To work all day and not have the relaxation one deserves after a stressful work is a very tragic situation to be in. People need entertainment. They have to make time for something more important than work and that is having fun. But people could not also afford to abandon everything they have worked for, book a one-way ticket to an island paradise and have all the relaxation they want in life. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept the reality that we need to work in order to live the life we want. Relaxation and entertainment, however, are not two things that could only be found on a Caribbean cruise ship or secluded virgin island. One could also relax right at the comforts of his home and be entertained through a lot of ways.


Many of us turn on the television to watch the news or our favorite TV shows when we head home after work. We sit on a couch and just be entertained by whatever show we find on the TV. Sometimes this relaxation is enough, but sometimes it isn’t. That is why we go to the cinema, we attend concerts, and we go to parties. But what if we could upgrade this simple couch and TV set combo into something bigger and grander? What if we could have our own entertainment room right in our home? Ultimate Home Centre is a good place to make this dream become a reality. If you want a bigger TV set and a clearer and higher quality of audio system at home, you need to start investing in good appliances. You need not worry about the space inside your house for you could easily transform your living room where your old TV is a total entertainment package. All you need is a little upgrade in your appliances.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money for this like you would when you’ll book for that VIP concert ticket or a plane ticket to the Bahamas. All you need is a little tip and advice from Ultimate Home Centre on where you could find the best appliances without spending a lot of cash.

Choosing the Right Cordless Drill for the Job

2Cordless drills are handy tools that make work easier and more convenient because of the lack of cords that tend to entangle and which may cause accidents. However, according to some cordless drill reviews & advice, many individuals make a mistake when they buy this tool because they do not properly match the job that they will do with it. As such, they end up either destroying the tool or ruining their final output.

With that in regard, it is important to note that there are three types of cordless drills based on the kind of job that they can accomplish.

Light-Duty Cordless Drill

This tool is loaded with batteries that have a size that is ranging from 6 to 10 volts and has a motor that is small. Most of them also only have one battery. In addition, its machine has less force and no capabilities of spinning or driving. Likewise, it also has a ¼-inch socket that is fixed to it and can only run with ¼-inch hex bits. Nonetheless, even if you will only handle light works, it is still better to choose the one that has a speed level and clutch that is adjustable.

This tool is recommended for jobs like installation and replacement of drapery brackets, handles on cabinet doors and drawers, door hinges, and light fixture. This can also be used when you need to drill holes for drywall anchors and assemble a barbecue grill and furniture.

General-Use Cordless Drill

This tool is usually recommended for small home repair and remodeling jobs like storage rack building, deck railing replacing, pilot hole drilling, furniture making, and drywall hanging, as well as driving screws in hardwood or plywood materials. As similar to the first type, choosing the one that has at least two-speed variations is recommended. Likewise, purchase the one that has a clutch and T-handle as well as a 3/8 inches chuck size.

This model usually has a 12 volts battery which may require you to buy an extra battery so that you can use it continuously since there is a tendency that it will empty out in the middle of the job. As the name implies, this is for general use that makes it possible for you to use it on somewhat larger projects. However, you may need the assistance of a hammer drill.

Heavy-Duty Cordless Drill

As can be extracted from the name, this cordless drill has batteries that have the highest power which is ranging from 18 to 24 volts. It can also be used for different drill bits since it has a chuck size of ½ inches. Such also makes it possible to be used on concrete, masonry, stainless steel, and brick materials. This is also designed for landscape timbers and wood that has been treated with pressure.

Final Words

From the information above, it can be safe that investing in the right cordless drill will ensure that you can accomplish your tasks neatly and safely. Hence, you must learn how to determine which one works best for a specific project.


Why You Should Be Shopping Online Instead

1Technology has truly brought everyone to a world of convenience, ease, and speed. It has given the phrase ‘It’s a small world’ a new meaning. The rise of the internet has even made it better. Long gone are the days when you have to travel far and wait for hours in line just to get the boots you want that are on sale. These days, you can just sit comfortably in the comforts of your home and click away. Then just wait for your purchase to arrive at your doorstep. Take a look at the detailed reasons on why you should be shopping online today.

Reason Number One: Convenience

This is, by far, the most favorite benefit of internet shopping. This is not just because you can shop anywhere and anytime you want. But, also because it would allow you to shop the things you need in any kind of condition. Say you are on the bed and couldn’t get up because of your illness. You would not need to wait for someone to buy the things you need because you could do it yourself using your computer or any device that is connected to the internet. Or if you are at work and the product you have been eyeing for the longest time but couldn’t afford to buy just yet is suddenly on sale. You can easily go online and make a purchase before stocks run out.

Reason Number Two: Affordability

Some people, who aren’t familiar with how online shopping works, actually think that it is more expensive to buy online because of the high shipping fee. Little do they know that they would save more by doing so. Online vendors tend to give lower prices because they have fewer expenses in their business. They do not need to add labor and rent costs to their price tags; thus, a big decrease on the bill. Besides, free shipping is available depending on the product, location and certain promotions of stores. It is also easier to compare prices because you would just need to click from one website to another or download an app that would give you price comparisons in one page. This eliminates the need to jump from one store to another just to see who has the lowest price.

Reason Number Three: Variety

Let’s say you go to a certain store that sells a certain brand of shoes. You might be able to see different models, designs or style. But, the one design you are looking for is not there because it is not available in your country. Online, you would not have that kind of problem. You could look up shops from different parts of the world that sell the widest range of products. Everything can be sold online these days and they’re quite easy to find.

Reason Number Four: Discounts

There is no doubt that there are more discounts and promotions you can find online than all the stores in your city combined. This is because of the harsh competition between the different online vendors and simply because they can afford to give up more than half of what is written on the price tag. You can actually use these working Myntra promo codes to start shopping now.


What are nerf melee weapons

Wondering what are Nerf melee weapons?

If you are looking for some great games for your kid, there are only a few that can be as exciting as a Nerf battle. To be honest, Nerf wars are something adults love too, so we shouldn’t restrict you from having some great fun!


What are Nerf Melee Weapons?

A nerf melee weapon is a soft and mostly a foam firing hand-held weapon, used in close combat.

While you could call it a toy, for your kid, it’s one of the deadly weapons they would need to win a Nerf war.

When it comes to a Nerf battle, you should know that you cannot only depend on a blaster to pull you through. Instead, you need the right Nerf melee weapons, which could be anything from a strike blade to a battle master mace.

A Nerf melee weapon can also be a Knife, a Rail Blade, or even a Sword depending on how your or your kids would like to play.

What Should You Look For in a Nerf Melee Weapon?

Most of these weapons are foam based, and so are not dangerous for kids. While initially made for kids and without the ability to do much, you do have some high-tech nerf weapons today in the market that can coordinate with video games.

Players can combat their enemies with the weapon, and teenagers could even play video games, and outdoor games with their favorite nerf melee weapon.

The type of Nerf melee weapon suited for you depends on where you are playing it – Nerf wars can be played anywhere from basements, offices, backyards to even public parks and schools.

You don’t have to use the melee weapons for real – you only have to pretend that you are using it.

The game rules are simple too – anyone striking hard will be right away suspended from the games. Nerf melee weapons are not allowed without holding ranks in some games.

What Are the Different Types of Nerf Melee Weapons?

So, how did the trend of Nerf melee weapons come about?

Nerf weapons were created by Parker Brothers and is currently owned by Hasbro. Initially, Parker Brothers developed only a four-inch (102mm) polyurethane foam ball in 1969. This foam ball was introduced as the “world’s first official indoor ball”.

As of now, they have all the types of automatic and non-automatic weapons that army of the USA has and actually more than that.

Types of nerf melee weapons

Depending upon the nature of games it can be of following types:

  • Marauder Long Sword.
  • Rail Blade.
  • Vendetta Double Sword.
  • Swift Justice.
  • Vantage Sword.
  • Strikeblade.
  • Warlock Axe.
  • Claw hatchet.
  • Thor Battle Hammer… and many more.

However, if you are fed up with existed weapons here’s a solution, you can make your custom melee weapon. Yeah, you got it right.


It’s not just something that you or your kid can play for hours – some famous feature films use them too, like in the Transformers, the G.I. Joe or even Ouija (series).

What to Look for When Buying a New Bidet for Your Toilet

1Bidets are fixtures in the house that should not be ignored. Choosing one that would be perfect for your home is as important as choosing a furniture for your living room. However, because of the many different designs from various manufacturers, it’s also becoming more complicated to choose one that would suit your needs. You would need to check out some bidet reviews & advice for you to know all about them. To make it a bit easier for you, here are some of the features that you should be looking for when you are buying a bidet for your bathroom or toilet.

  1. Water Temperature

One of the most common features that you would find from many bidets is the control of the water temperature. The difference would be in the settings and how it is set up. Some bidets would be connected directly to a nearby water line with hot water. Others have exclusive heaters. When the bidet has its own heating system, you would immediately have warm or heated water. However, the price of it would be higher compared to those that are connected to other hot water lines.

  1. Water Pressure

Another basic feature most bidets have is the water pressure setting. The pressure of the water that comes out of the bidet could be adjusted using different methods. You might want to consider getting one that have easy access to the controls or could be adjusted very easily.

  1. Heated Seat

During the winter months or the cold seasons, the heated seat features of a lot of bidets are very popular. Most houses located in very cold areas also have these kinds of seats on their toilets. This would give you more comfort as you do your business in the toilet. For some bidets, the temperature of the seats can also be adjusted.

  1. Air Dryer

Some people have very sensitive private parts. Some do not even want to use tissue paper in fear that the materials or chemicals in the paper could harm their skin. That is why, air dryers are very handy. This is also very useful for people with skin diseases, rashes or wounds around their private areas.

  1. Nozzle Position

It is hard for women to wash their feminine parts at times because most of the nozzles are made to wash only the rear end. However, some manufacturers have included adjustability to their nozzles to make it easier and more comfortable for women to wash.

  1. Controls

Different designs have different control settings. However, if you choose a bidet with a lot of adjustable features on it, you might want to get one that would include a remote control, too. This would make it much easier for seniors, disabled people and children to control all the settings of their toilet. You could attach the remote on the wall or on other easily accessed places near the toilet seat. By checking out these very important features that your bidet should have, you would be able to choose one that is right for you and your family.