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Tips For doing Your own dog Grooming

Tips For doing Your own dog Grooming

Tips For doing Your own dog Grooming

If you fancy earning a bit of extra money and love working with dogs you might consider a career as a dog groomer. Working as a dog groomer can be a rewarding occupation, allowing you contact with canines on a day to day basis. Some people who are recently bereaved of their own pet, sometimes decide to do something where they can work alongside other pets.

Being a dog groomer could be a very lucrative career, it is a service much desired by pet owners and there has recently been a large rise in people requesting these types of services. In order to kickstart your career you will need to advertise your services locally, put up flyers in local stores and veterinary practices, and make sure your neighbours and friends knew of your new venture.

You may need to invest in some tools of the trade in order to start a dog grooming business. You will need an assortment of brushes in order to groom dogs, fur clippers and shears and good quality nail clippers. You will decide which dog toiletry products you are going to use, there is a wide range of dog shampoos and deodorisers available to choose from. You may find it cheaper to buy shampoos in bulk. Don’t forget to buy yourself some hard wearing clothes/overalls and boots, as your day to day clothes will get covered in hair.

The next decision you need to make is where you are going to run the business from. It may be possible to rent premises, or you may decide to offer a mobile service going round to peoples houses. You may need to consider liability insurance, to cover you against mishaps. Remember to keep track of all business expenses and payments received, so you can keep up to date with the tax man.

Working as a dog groomer means that you will come into contact with a wide range of different breeds of dogs of various sizes. Be aware that grooming a large dog can take a longer period of time than a smaller dog, and long haired varieties of dogs can also take longer, so you may need to reflect this in the price you charge. Some dogs take better to having a pamper than other dogs, smart dogs seem to have a natural understanding that you are there to help them so are less likely to be anxious, especially if they have been groomed before.

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Professional Dog Walker

Love Dogs? Become A Professional Dog Walker

Professional Dog Walker

If you like being around dogs and also like to work outside then a job as a professional dog walker may suit you down to the ground. As a dog walker you will come into contact with a wide range of breed of dogs, of various sizes, each with their own unique characteristics.

It helps if you know your local area well, this enables you to maximise all the available areas in your locality to walk dogs. Make sure to arm yourself with lots of treats and poop bags whilst you venture out on your travels. Dog walking is not just a summer time activity, so be aware that you may sometimes have to walk dogs when the weather is much colder, or even worse raining or snowing. Make sure you have a wardrobe full of hardwearing weather appropriate clothes and you wont go far wrong.

Walking dogs is a great way to keep fit, buy yourself a pedometer as you may be surprised how many hours you clock up. Good footwear is also a must. Dog walking services have really grown in the last few years, this may be due to an increasing ageing population who are no longer able to walk their favourite companion, or due to double income families being out at work all day.

If you have decided to work for yourself it is important that you advertise your services. start with neighbours and friends, you will be surprised how many offers you may get through word of mouth recommendations. Put up flyers in local stores and veterinary practices. You will need to be organised and good at time keeping, to gain a excellent reputation it is important you turn up at the agreed time on agreed days. Owners of dogs need to have confidence in you, so treating your clients professionally is very important.

You may decide to check out the dogs before you agree to walk them. find out from the owners if they have any particular peccadillo, for instance it is good to be aware if a dog is sociable towards other dogs, even when you have him on the leash. Hopefully the dogs you take out will be well trained and obedient, but remember to take them on the lead and keep a pocketful of treats to reward good behaviour.

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