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The Do’s and Don’ts of owning Pets

Pet-owner-picWhen you have a pet you are responsible for its care and well being, this can involve making sure that the animals basic needs are seen to, such as providing fresh water and food, regular exercise, grooming, a safe environment and medical treatments such as worming and flea control. It’s not only physical needs that need to be met but also emotional and psychological needs, this can involve providing stimulation such as toys and exercise, to providing a loving environment. It is important to keep your environment safe for your dog to prevent expensive veterinary bills.

Keeping toxic substances out of your dog’s path is very important, but some people are unaware that day to day food items such as chocolate can be very dangerous to dogs. When a dog eats chocolate it can result in diarrhoea and vomiting, but larger quantities of chocolate, especially dark chocolate can be fatal to dogs.

If you find yourself in a situation saying uh oh, my dog ate chocolate, there are a few things you can do;  make the dog vomit, this can be achieved by giving the dog one teaspoonful of hydrogen peroxide combined with water or dogs favourite food item, encourage your dog to Walk around for approximately 5 minutes. If your dog has not vomited following this then repeat the procedure. Allow your dog to eat grass as this can also induce vomiting. Your dog will also need to be seen by a vet. Chocolate is also very toxic to cats.

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Contentment Vs Sickness

There are signs that your pet is content, for instance your dog will wag his tail whilst cats purr to display contentment. Purring is a means of communications for cats. When kittens are first born they are deaf and blind, the kittens are guided to the mother cat by purring which provides vibrations.

Purring is associated with maternal comfort and safety. Research has shown that purring can also release endorphins which help to make your cat relaxed and content. Cats can also purr at times of pain and high stress and purring helps to alleviate and reduce pain. Purring is not only of benefit to the cats; research has also shown that being in the vicinity of a purring cat can also be therapeutic to their human owners too.